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First Era (Copan)

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Cópan (Etrica, or Orontonia)

Labor Omni vintec (Hardwork overcomes all)
Now known as Ccentyyrrholm
Capital city Ccentyyrrholm
Largest city Ccentyyrrholm
Official language(s) English, Anchient Cópanic, Old Cópanic
Official religion(s) Hermeticism, paganism, christianity
Demonym Cópanic
Government Monarchy
- President Uknown
- President Unknown
Legislature Probably an early for of the council of the seventh star
- Type - Probably a Council of wizzards
- Number of seats - N/A
Established Uncertain
Area claimed Ccentyyrholm
Population Unknown
Currency Early form of tantaresh
Time zone GMT+0
National drink Tea
National animal Tit

The First era began some time around 2013 although that is only a guess. The era was started by a guild of wizards living in modern day Fabon(Magasevyaa) and cópan. The first era was estimated to have started at the time of the Oblivion attacks. the wizards created a scroll to defend Etrica from Oblivion. Apart from that not much happened in Cópan that is known of in that time.