1st Virginia Fleet

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The 1st Virginia Fleet, formerly known as Legio I Virginia, is currently the sole fleet of the Imperial Navy of the Empire of Austenasia, and before the re-establishment of the Navy was a legion in the Austenasian Army, formed to defend New Richmond and later expanding to include the forces defending all New Virginia.

1st Virginia Fleet
Active 2013-present
Country Empire of Austenasia
Size 18
Anniversaries 3 October 2013
Fleet Commander Rear Admiral James B.
Fleet Executive Officer Commodore Jonathan W.
Fleet Master Chief Master Chief Petty Officer Chris F.


The 1st Virginia Fleet was founded on 3 October 2013 as Legio I Virginia to defend the New Richmond, its name derived from West Virginia, the US state which surrounds New Richmond. A new cohort was added on 16 November 2013 to defend Terentia, and a naval based century was added on 29 April 2014 to defend Shineshore.

Upon the re-establishment of the Imperial Navy on 8 March 2015, Legio I Virginia was transitioned into a naval unit and renamed the 1st Virginia Fleet.


Present structure

As of 13 November 2017:

1st Virginia Fleet

Past structures

Legio I Virginia (3 October 2013 - 16 November 2013)

Legio I Virginia (16 November 2013 - 29 April 2014)

Legio I Virginia (29 April 2014 - 8 March 2015)

1st Virginia Fleet (8 March 2015 - 13 November 2017)