1st Session of the Oasis Islands Senate

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Senate of the Republic of the Oasis Islands
Type Unicameral legislature
Houses Senate
Majority Leader Daniel Stefanko, Oasis People's Party
since January 2013
Minority Leader Titus Smith, United Leftist
since January 2013
Members 3 Senators
Senate political groups      OPP (2)
     ULP (1)
Senate last election Senators Appointed
Meeting place
Oasis Government Building

The 1st Session of the Senate of the Republic of the Oasis Islands is the first legislative session of the Oasis Islands Senate, lasting from January 2, 2013 to January 2, 2015. The session coincides with all Senator's terms and will end when their two year terms are completed. As it is the first session, many important pieces of legislation are expected to be passed including a constitution and the nation's first budget.

The Oasis People's Party holds a majority during the session barring unexpected appointments or resignations. The party nominated Titus Smith for the position of Majority Leader. The first session began officially at 12AM on January 2nd, with the first meeting occurring at 7:07PM EST that night.

2013 shuffling

On November 6, 2013, the first federal election was held with incumbent President Hamlin easily securing re-election over independent challenger Laura Horsley. Also on that night, Vice President Smith announced his coming departure from the Oasis People's Party to join the United Leftist Party (ULP), leaving a bi-partisan Executive branch and an evenly divided Senate. In order to keep the People's Party majority, Senator Daniel Stefanko of Serenity Island agreed to join the People's Party, becoming Majority Leader and bumping Smith down to the Minority Leader position. The People's Party then began adopting more conservative views, preparing to clash with the ULP in future elections including what is expected to be a close and difficult battle for the Senate in the 2014 elections.

Major legislation

The Senate has passed much significant legislation including minimum wage laws, marriage and LGBT equality laws, the free supply of basic medical supplies, spending bills and other funding bills.


Portrait Name Political Party Took office Left office Home state
75px Casey Hamlin Oasis People's Party January 2, 2013 Incumbent Oasis
Stefanko New Cropped.jpg Daniel Stefanko Oasis People's Party January 2, 2013 Incumbent Serenity Island
Titus Smith.jpg Titus Smith ULP January 2, 2013 Incumbent Costa Dorada