1st Republic of Quin

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1st Republic of Quin

Quin is a nation once owned by Midoria which is now independent as it gained independence on Sunday, April, 7th, 2019 at 11:17 PM EST. After it gained independence the King of Midoria remained King of the nation until he abdicated and left his heir Nicholas the 1st of Quin as King which is the current King of Quin.


  • National Quin Day / Independence Day | April 7
  • Parliament Day | April 2
  • Crown Day | April 8
  • Month of Quin | April


  • First ever Legislative | April 2
  • Independence from Midoria | April 7
  • First actual Quindearean King is crowned



Midoria and Quin relations have been great from the start. With the same Kings at the start it went great, even when Quin and Midoria became a bit in active relations were still strong. After Peter Warren also abdicated in Midoria and left King Nicholas in charge they 2 countries had the same king again. Relations are still strong as they are still both ruled by the same king.