1st Parliament of Anthea

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The 1st Parliament of Anthea was the legislature of the Glorious Anthean Republic following the March 2021 general election to the Parliament of Anthea.

House of Parliament composition

This table shows the number of MPs in each party:

Affiliation Members
After 2021 general election At dissolution of Parliament
  Independent 4 3
Conservative-National Party 2 2
Social Democratic Party 2 2
Anthea United Party 1 1
Liberal Democratic Party 1 1
Czech Party 1 1
Labour Party 1 1
0 1
Total number of seats
12 12
Government majority

List of MPs elected in the general election

Constituency Member returned (2021) Notes
Fesmar and Belgica Mats Baumans (Ind) Seat win
Morwenna Fydtroust (Ind) Seat win
MicroWiki Daniel Lee (Ind) Seat win
Cristian Dobrev (Lib) Seat win
Jan Šťastný (Cze) Seat win
Rory McPhail (Con) Seat win
Corinth Newton (Con) Seat win
David Easterling (Soc) Seat win
Konstantínos Hockenheim (Soc) Seat win
Griffin Ward (Lab) Seat win
The Fun Gang Daniel Hamilton (Ant) Seat win
Sertor Valentinus (Ind) Seat win