1st Jonathana Task Force

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The 1st Jonathana Task Force, formerly known as Cohors II Jonathana, is the sole taskforce in the 1st Virginia Fleet and a unit of the Imperial Navy of the Empire of Austenasia.

1st Jonathana Task Force
Active 2013-present
Country Empire of Austenasia
Size 15
Anniversaries 3 October 2013
Task Force Commander Commodore Joseph H.
Task Force Master Chief Lord Riley Kennedy

The 1st Jonathana Task Force was founded on 3 October 2013 as a unit of the Austenasian Army named Cohors II Jonathana to defend the Austenasian Crown Dependency of New Richmond, expanding in late April 2014 to include a second century to defend Shineshore. It was the first cohort to share its name with another - Cohors I Jonathana - both named after Emperor Jonathan I.

On 8 March 2015, the Imperial Navy was re-established, and Legio I Virginia - of which Cohors II Jonathana was a part - was transitioned into the 1st Virginia Fleet, with the cohort likewise transitioning into a naval task force. Changes made as a result of the immanent cession of Shineshore resulted in said town's flotilla leaving the taskforce and being replaced with that of Terentia.


Present structure

As of 13 November 2017:

1st Jonathana Task Force

Past structures

Cohors II Jonathana (3 October 2013 - 29 April 2014)

Cohors II Jonathana (29 April 2014 - 8 March 2015)

1st Jonathana Task Force (8 March 2015 - 13 November 2017)


  • 3 October 2013 - 19 January 2015: Tribune W. Kennedy
  • 19 January 2015 - 13 November 2017: Commodore R. Blackburn (held the rank of Tribune before 8 March 2015)
  • 13 November 2017 - 20 March 2018: Commodore James B.
  • 20 March 2018 – present: Commodore Joseph H.