1st Congress of the National Alliance Front

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The Official Logo of the Congress.

The 1st Party Congress of the National Alliance Front is a major meeting of the National Alliance Front coalition, composed of the Ruling Christian Nationalist Party of the DCR and the TT Party.

It will be held in the Ġ.F. Abela Junior College, on the 22nd of November in the nearby Republic of Malta and will last 2 days.


The Congress was called by CNP Party Leader Matthew Tonna in light of the 2021 Melitian General Election due on the 27th of November.

It will be used to unveil the Party manifesto for the term in 2021-2023 if elected.

The National Alliance front has put forward Arama Vella from the TT Party for the office of Prime Minister of Melite, with Matthew Tonna already serving Melite as President.


The First Meeting started with:

The Melitian Anthem, the National Anthem of Melite.
  • The Party Anthem of the CNP
    Cara Al Sol, the party anthem of the CNP.

After, the President of Melite gave an opening speech, and after the Session was adjourned.

The Second Meeting of the Congress was held behind closed doors.


TVMelite and YeLand Radio.

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