1930 Vossk Invasion of Ardelia

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Invasion of Ardelia
Vossk troops retreating from the Ardelian capitol of New Exerton
Conflict: The War of Absolutism
Date: 6 June 1930 - 12 June 1930
Place: Empire of Ardelia
Outcome: Ardelian Victory: Vossk forces repelled
Flag of Ardelia.png Empire of Ardelia Flag of the Vossk Empire.png Vossk Empire
Shah Justinian II
Emperor Mekant Orrsk

700,000 (100,000 Army, 550,000 Marines, 40,000 Navy, 9,800 Air Force, 200 Royal Guard)

1.2 Million (all Army)

12,000 deaths (200,000 wounded) 800,000 deaths (30,000 wounded)

The Invasion of Ardelia was a conflict that took place between the nations of Vossk and Ardelia on the fictional planet of Mors Prime. The invasion was an attempt by the Vossk Empire to annex Ardelia into the growing empire. The invasion was quickly thwarted due to the fact that (though lacking a large military) the Ardelian forces were more tactically and militarily advanced than their Vossk counterparts who attempted to use size rather than strategy to secure their objective.