11th Esty Government

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11th Esty Government
12th ministry of Pinang
Date formed 19th May 2019
Date dissolved 19th June 2019
People and organizations
Head of government Esty
Head of state 1° Archduke
No. of ministers 7
Total no. of ministers 7
Member party Golden Party,

Constitutional Party, Popular Party

Status in legislature Majority
Legislature term(s) 6th Parliament
Previous 10th Esty Government
Successor 12th Esty Government


Title Office Party
Ex President of Golden Party Prime Minister Golden Party
Mayor of Estintore Vice-Prime Minister Popular Party
3° Vicepresident of Golden Party Minister of Interior Golden Party
Mayor of Costituzione Minister of Health and Economy Golden Party
Current Mayor of New Estosadok Minister of Foreign Affairs Golden Party
Ex Archduke Minister of Culture Constitutional Party
Mayor of Bazhong Minister of Defence and Public Security Independent