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In New Eiffel the Internet is considered a basic human right. New Eiffel has five internet users, making up 100% of the population. The first website launched locally in New Eiffel was the website for a therapy company. The second website to be launched was for ZSR Film Reviews, at

Although New Eiffel doesn’t have an Internet TLD, the government has proposed it be .eif, and the government plans to register it.

New Eiffel has thirteen IPv4 address allocations inside of New Eiffel, all of which are in use.


Despite considering the Internet to be a human right, New Eiffel is a past enemy of the Internet.

The Internet has ‘selective’ censorship. The government is allowed to ban any website that matches the criteria for banning under the New Eiffel Internet Law Act 2.

Internet Speed

The most popular internet provider is Zen Internet Ltd, closely followed by BT Internet.