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Every user on MicroWiki@Discord, is not required but highly recommended to have a continent role. A continent role is a role on the MicroWiki@Discord Discord server. This is to indicate the location of a user, not where their micronation may be located. There are eight continent roles-Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The Middle East is not a continent but rather a region, however it is still considered a continent role. There is also the comical Antartica role, which three members possess.

Obtaining a role

A user must type -role [continent name] in log, and then the bot YAGPDB.xyz#8760 will give you the role of the specified continent and the message "Gave you the role!" will display. If you type something which is not one of the continent options, the message "Role not found, Here is a list of available roles:" and a list of the continent roles will display.



Each role is a different colour: Asia is yellow, Africa is purple, North America is blue, South America is wine red, Europe is blue-green, the Middle East is pink and Australia is green.


As of 4 February 2020:

  • North America - 197 members
  • Europe - 123 members
  • South America - 6 members
  • Antartica - 3 members
  • Africa - 2 members
  • Middle East - 5 members
  • Asia - 17 members
  • Oceania - 18 members

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