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The Principality of Heathland is officially the smallest micronation in Australia and the sole micronation in Adelaide. The Principality of Heathland was created primarily for fun, to be enacted on a small space that is controlled by one leader and one leader only. The principality of Heathland is totally reliant on neighbouring australia and its citizens for food, electricity, internet connection, water, education, healthcare, justice, welfare, defence and socialization.

Key Facts

Name of micronation: (The) Principality of Heathland. Proclaimed: Wednesday 20th April 2016 Permanent Population: 2 Leader: Sir honourable, Master Heath Ivan Loxton. Followers: 200+ Capital: Room 8. Land Area: 300 square metres (approx), formerly 11.5 square metres (approx). Key infrastructure: Landline phone, smart mobile phone, modern laptop, library of fiction and nonfiction books, bed, dressing table, water rockets for national defence, crab nets for national food security, bank card for national financial security. Key values: Inclusion / Pride. National animal: Domestic cat. National mythological creature: White unicorn. Coat of Arms: Yes. National flag: Yes. National anthem: Yes. Ceremonial motto: tu defender la inclusión, defender tu orgullo (Uphold thy inclusion - Defend thy pride). Practical motto: For the benefit of all. Key portfolios: #Letsincludeheath2K16! (social), #Itsallaboutthatsace2016! (academic), TSC Pride club, Pegasus water rockets, Heathie Loxton Geocaching, Seaton and Aberfoyle park railway. National dishes: KFC, sushi, chocolate, mangoes and pizza. National landmarks: The great photo wall of heathland, "ding" the dingo. Marriage equality: Yes. Discrimination protection: Yes, anyone is welcome to participate to a full extent in work, education and community life when a citizen of the principality of heathland regardless of age, race, sexuality, gender, disability, religion or financial status. Key laws: Parties act september 2009, Hangouts act November 2012 (written), Internet safety act January 2013 (written), Mobile phone use act August 2013 (written), Relationships act May 2014 (written). National holidays and celebrations: September 22 = Foundation day, Wednesday week 8 term 4 = Come out day.

National Anthem

We are the sole micronation of Adelaide, We are known as the principality of heathland. We are courageous, stronger, smarter and respected by our many followers. Admiration of the entire universe, our diversity ever shows and grows. We are the sole micronation of adelaide, We are known as the principality of Heathland.

We give our best for inclusion and pride, Where our story will unfold and be told. As we fight the rugged battles of prejudice, total acceptance in the world will be our goal. Our values of inclusion and pride will see us through, Our commitment for those values always grows. We are the sole micronation of adelaide, We are known as the principality of heathland. Harambe forever!

We are the principality of heathland!

Royal coat of arms

WIN 20160420 155702.JPG

National flag

Pride flag final 2.png

Citizenship requirements

There are no followers of the Principality of Heathland however there is no provision for permanent, off site citizenship. In the coming months there will be a form released for people who would like to become official, registered citizens for free. All citizens, regardless of whether they are free association or officially registered need to obey the laws and illmoral values of our great micronation. The punishment is having your citizenship suspended, deleted or warned. It is upto the leader as to what the outcome is and there is no appeal.