Ceticilian Republic

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Ceticilian Republic (EN)
Ceticilische Republik (DE)
República Ceticilia (ES)
ceticilia valstat (CC)


Ceticilialoc.png Cetmap.png
Capital city Ostweiden
Largest city Ódagwert
Official language(s) German
Short name Ceticilia
Demonym Ceticilia/Cet
Government Republic
- President of Ceticilia Pablo Zumo
Legislature Parliament of Ceticilia
Area claimed 14.746 Hectares
Population 25 (2019-04-07)
Currency Altaler
Time zone GMT+1
National animal Dove

5 (84%)
1 (16%)

The Ceticilian Republic is a micronation and a member of DANC, and lies inside of Germany.[citation needed] The Republic was founded on 2016-03-29 (29 March 2016) and was a monarchy for a short time in 2017.[citation needed] Ceticilia is landlocked and its terrotieries are dispersed and rarely contiguous, which makes it necessary to pass Germany when travelling interprovincially. The territories lie dispersed in the rhenic (Rhinish) region.


The name "Ceticilia" was chosen randomly and has no significant meaning. It is uncertain if the name "Cecilia" has any connotations to it, though it is widely believed that the resemblances are mere coincidence.[citation needed]

History of Ceticilia

Pre-Republican Times

Before the republic Ceticilia was but a vague concept of a state and was lead as a party or club rather than a nation. Originally it was planned that Ceticilia buy an island or other large land areas to accomodate Ceticilians, though those plans were never a reality because of lack of funds,[citation needed] nowadays voluntarily participating spaces and large land areas inside Germany make Ceticilia.

The inofficially used flag of Ceticilia at the time was a banner which featured the colors yellow-orange, white and blue horizontally.

Founding times

Lord's flag design of 2016

on 29 March 2016 the four founders of Cetcicilia Aqua, Mia Torres, Jordan Lord and JS held the first presidential election of the "Republic of Ceticilia" as it was called back then. With 3/4 votes in favor Aqua became the first president of Ceticilia. Borkenfels, which was independent before was declared a protectorate of Ceticilia.

Politics at that time were extremely shaky: because the office of president was the only official position at the time the president presented a first constitution around summer 2016.

The first flag of the republic was voted on shortly after the presidential election; Jordan Lord's flag design (which featured a golden seagull on white background adorned with golden stripes on the top and bottom of the flag) won.

Constitution times

With the introduction of the first constitution of Ceticilia many points of government were majorly improved, this constitution was largely inspired by that of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the exception of explicitly giving polyromantics and homosexuals the right to marriage as long as those are over 18.

Because of unclear texts in the constitution, though, the constitution was hard to interpret which became evident with a voting faux-pas when the voting age was not clear as the constitution explained the voting age was "older than 14" even though "14 and older" was intended.

On 15 August 2016 the position of "Chief Justice" was officially introduced, which was responsible of controlling the Ceticilian president and interpret law texts if necessary. The first Chief Justice of Ceticilia was Mia Torres who served from 15 August 2016 to 29 March 2017 (the anniversary of Ceticilia).

The seagull was removed from the flag in favor of a dove over time, because the former proved to be unpopular during these times.[citation needed] This flag (the dove flag) is Ceticilia's flag today.

Political tensions in early 2017

Early 2017 the Geolibertarian Party and the Progressive Party had verbal fights all the time. At this time the government consisted mainly out of officials of the Progressive Party and the Geolibertarians labeled themselves "the opposition". The election following the fights of both was in favor of the Progressive Party, Mia Torres and Aqua tied with 6/12 votes each, the win was given to Mia Torres voluntarily by Aqua as the former had gathered more points in the first voting round.

Mia Torres withdrew from the office of chief justice to become president from 29 March 2017 to 30 April 2017 at which point she was impeached, Aqua served as President pro Tempore for 18 days after that, left the Progressive Party and founded a new one and was reelected on 18. May.


Flag of the monarchy

Shortly before 27 July 2017 Aqua assembled a personal cabinet in preparation of a possible monarchy after which they were removed from office, though this impeachment was retracted with a legally binding vote on the creation of a monarchy which got 6/6 votes and the Republic of Ceticilia became the Kingdom of Ceticilia. The old party of Aqua was dissolved and a new one was founded. The monarchy received a new flag that was designed by Matthew Comyn.

The unpopularity of this kingdom grew fast and steady and calls to reinstate the republic piled up.[citation needed]

Second republic

Because of growing unpopularity[citation needed] the acting monarch Aqua wrote a possible new constitution for a republic which was voted on on 7 October 2017 and received 8/13 votes.

The introduction of this constitution meant the abolishment of the president and that parliament as a whole take in the role of being the head of state, the second parliament reigned for 85 days as legislative and executive at the same time, near the end of this parliamentary term a new proposal was issued which would reinstate the office of president which came into effect on 7. January 2018, in the time in between the third parliament reigned for one week. Aqua won this presidential election with 8/15 votes and served from 8 Januar to 30 March 2018 to reinstate old norms. They were reelected in the following election.

During the second republic Sheeplandia delcared independence and Weiden became a new province of Ceticilia and the only one bordering Altannia.


First government

The first government consisted of the president and the people,[citation needed] all elections and verdicts were directly issued by the people, but the president had the power to issue executive orders and had a veto power over all submitted proposals.

Bills were not numbered and categorized at this time, making it difficult to search the files. However, most of these old bills are outdated anyway and need not be considered.

In August 2016, the Chief Justice became an additional office.


The monarchy, which lasted from 27 July to 7 October, introduced two new legislative chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The former was chosen by King, the latter by the people. Both chambers had exactly the same rights but were seen as two chambers, both had to approve a bill to make it final, but in the course of the monarchy it was decided that this is nonsensical and both chambers were merged and formed the newly created "Parliament of Ceticilia".

The House of Representatives, together with the Chief Justice, was the jury for every criminal case in the Kingdom of Ceticilia. This later became the parliament's responsibility and this still applies today if the judiciary does not have a large enough jury themself.

Second Republic

92 days without president

In the 92 days without president, two parliaments were the head of state of Ceticilia, but the position of chief justice still existed. At that time, it was decided that it would require a president to conduct reasonable politics. The deputy for DANC at this time was Aqua (as chief diplomat).

Reinsititution of the president

On 8 January, the president was elected, and now there were three established powers: Legislative - Parliament, Executive - President, and Judiciary - Supreme Court.

Overview of Heads of State until today

Name Inauguration Term end Term length Party/Coalition Vote
List of Head of States
President Aqua 2016-03-29 2017-03-29 1 year Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressives
3 / 4
President Mia Torres 2017-03-29 2017-04-30 1 month and a day Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressives
6 / 12
President P.T. Aqua 2017-04-30 2017-05-18 18 days Progressive Party of Ceticilia.png Progressives -
President Aqua 2017-05-18 2017-07-27 70 days Spc logo.png Social Democrats
9 / 17
Monarch Aqua 2017-07-27 2017-10-07 72 days CA .png Alliance
6 / 6
Parliament 2b 2017-10-07 2017-12-31 85 days CA .png Alliance -
Parliament 3 2018-01-01 2018-01-07 1 week no majorities -
President Aqua 2018-01-08 2018-03-30 81 days CA .png Alliance
8 / 15
President Aqua 2018-03-30 2019-03-29 1 year DSP.jpg DemSoc
6 / 9
President Pablo Zumo 2019-03-29 2020-03-29 Geolibertarian Party
7 / 14


Referendum Content Idea Vote
List of referenda
Flag First flag Aqua, Jordan Lord >50%
Flag Second flag Aqua >50%
Gov't change Republic -> Kingdom Aqua
6 / 6
Flag Third flag Aqua, Matthew Comyn
6 / 9
Gov't change Republic <- Kingdom Aqua
8 / 13
Flag Fourth/second flag Jordan Lord, Álvaro Barredo
6 / 10

List of chief justices

Name Inauguration Term end Party
Chief Justices
Mia Torres 2016-08-15 2017-03-29 Progressive
Elemer San Miguel 2017-03-29 incumbent -



Unofficial coat of arms of Parliament

The legislative of Ceticilia consists of a parliament, which has a number of seats, which corresponds to a quarter of the population (rounded to the nearest integer). This Parliament has the president as a permanent member since 2018, which has the same rights and obligations as all other Members and in the parliamentary sense is considered a normal member.

All Ceticilian citizens are eligible to vote and, unless they have a criminal record, may apply for membership. However, it must be considered that, with the exception of the president, all purely judicial and executive members have to put aside their old profession in the judiciary or executive to be allowed to participate.

Legislative amendments to the non-constitutional law can only be implemented if more than 50% of the Parliament vote in favor and the President does not veto; the presidential veto is always invalid from 75% on. Legislative texts may only be amended, removed or added with more than or exactly 75% of the votes.


The Executive of Ceticilien consists of the President and the ministires, such as the registration office, which is under the power of the aforementioned president. Some offices are currently being handled by Parliament. This is not a breach of the rule of law in Parliament but rather an executive activity carried out by Parliament as a whole.


The Judiciary is lead by the Chief Justice and consists of two other judges. If these are not available, the parliament will be called as a jury for help, this too is only a representative task and has not yet occurred. In two cases of impeachment in Ceticilia, the Chief Justice, Elemer San Miguel, had acted independently, which at that time was not understood as an offense against the law.

Archive of law proposals from 2018 onwards

Territorial expansion
Amendment, repeal or addition of law (CET)
CET Year CET Number Content Vote Result
List of referenda
2018 001 Joining of the Micronational Union
0 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 002 Referendum of a new national flag
5 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 003 German Language Office
5 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 004 Change of polling times
4 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 005 Creation of a triumvirate
4 / 9
Oppose Minus.png
2018 006 Naming conventions
6 / 10
Support Plus.png
2018 007 Constitutional Referendum length
6 / 9
Support Plus.png
2018 008 Recreation of Parliament
7 / 7
Support Plus.png
2018 009 Correction of flag law
5 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 010 Constitut.-error fix without parl. approv.
4 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 011 Publication of old const. revision after change.
5 / 5
Support Plus.png
2018 012 President part of Parliament
5 / 5
Support Plus.png
... ... ... ...


Most of Ceticilia speaks Spanish and English well to fluent, German is a common first and second language too, Ceticilians are generally not very religious. The amount of LGBT-citizens of Ceticilia is estimated to be around 1/4 of the population. Most Ceticilians live in North America or Europe.

Geography and Climate

Ceticilia consists out of the provinces Weiden and Borkenfels. Its cities are Ostweiden (Weiden); Rheinland (Borkenfels); Sonnberg (Borkenfels); Neuheim (Borkenfels); Alt-Borkenfels (Borkenfels); Nord-Borkenfels (Borkenfels) and Hoogland (Borkenfels).

Place Name Province Date of joining into Ceticilia
Liséa Ódagstet 2019-01-31
Solá Ódagstet 2019-01-31
Ódagwert Ódagstet 2019-01-31
Ostweiden Weiden 2018-05-21
Lichtau Weiden 2018-11-13
Alt-Borkenfels Borkenfels 2016-04
Nord-Borkenfels Borkenfels 2017
Hoogland Borkenfels 2017-11-04
Neuheim Borkenfels 2016-04
Rheinland Borkenfels 2018-08-27
Sonnberg Borkenfels 2017-11-01

Ceticilia is majorly flat with the exception of the Borkenfelsian territory Sonnberg, which is also the only territory of Ceticilia right of the Rhine. The average annual temperature of the western territories lies around 10 °C. Because those territories lie in the rhenic valley the summers become very humid. Some sources explain that this kind of weather makes one tired and that it is incriminating. Ceticilian weather is atlantic-maritime, snow-lacking, humid in summer and sees less rain than the neighboring regions, because Ceticilia lies in a "rain shadow" region.

Borkenfels is the oldest province of Ceticilia and was an independent workers' state from 2011-2016

Climate data for Ceticilia
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 16.2
Average high °C (°F) 5
Daily mean °C (°F) 2.6
Average low °C (°F) 1
Record low °C (°F) -23.4
Source: Google


All Ceticilians that are born on Ceticilian grounds must enlist or render civil service in the public sector upon turning 18 and/or after finishing basic education. Factors like gender play no role at all. An exact military protocol was not yet created out of lack of relevance.

Foreign Relations

Flag of DANC

Ceticilia is a DANC-member and therefore recognizes all its member states as legitimate states. This organization was founded in the wake of Eodus' fall to protect member states and guarantee friendship among the participants.


Ceticilia is culturally diverse and has no uniform culture; the cultures at hand though are majorly European-influenced. One example of Ceticilian culture though is the term "potato salad politics" for law proposals that are seen as unnecessary or redundant. This term is derived from an old joke in Ceticilia, in which a politican explained that they dislike potato salad and want it banned from the parliamentary cafeteria; this is not very common though.

Human rights

Right to life and bodily integrity

Ceticilian law prohibits the state and other people to negatively interfere with people, i.e.: health, integrity and life shall be guaranteed. The death penalty is illegal.

Freedom of faith, press and speech

Ceticilia guarantees freedom of faith, press, speech and the freedom to gather in order to demonstrate.


Hate speech is a highly punishable offense in Ceticilia and is punished accordingly. The Ceticilian constitution seeks absolute equity.

Women's rights

All humans are equal per Ceticilian law, in Ceticilia women and men are allowed to do anything that is allowed to people by Ceticilian law.

Homosexuality, Transgender and Polyamory

Homosexuality was never illegal in Ceticilian history, transgender people may change their name without therapy and surgery according to their preferred gender and polyamory was never forbidden.

When marriage was still a part of the republic, polyamoric people could marry one other (with partners' consent) which differentiates Ceticilia a lot from nearby states.

Same-sex sexual activities Yes (Always legal)
Anti-Discrimination laws Yes (2017)
Anti-Hate-speech laws Yes (2017)
Same sex marriage Yes (Always legal)*
Adoption right equality Yes (Always legal)
Homosexuals and transgender individuals allowed to join military Yes (Conscription)
Gender change Yes (Name may be changed)**
Ban on conversion therapy Yes (Constitutional ban since 2018)

* There are currently no marriages in Ceticilia
** Ceticilia currently recognizes no legal gender


Important politicians