Ĉefministro of Damariscotta

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Ĉefministro of the
The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta
Ĉefministro Standard
Ĉefministro Seal
Rt. Hon Archie Birch MLB

since 6 March 2021
StyleThe Right Honorable Ĉefministro (formal)
Mr. Ĉefministro (informal)
StatusHead of state
Member ofHouse of Fire
Lygonian Armeo
NominatorDelegates of The Parlamento
AppointerParlamento de Maria
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderArchie Birch
Formation6 March 2021
SuccessionUna Ministro (becomes Acting Ĉefministro)

The Ĉefministro of the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta is the head of state, and shall be referred to as the Ĉefministro, and shall exercise and perform the powers and functions conferred on the Ĉefministro by the Constitution of The Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta. The position also holds the role of representative of national unity, the guarantor and protector of the constitution, and the commander-in-chief of the Lygonian Armeo.


The Ĉefministro shall hold office for a term of one year from the date upon which they enter their office, unless before the expiration of that period they die, or resign, or are removed from office, or become permanently incapacitated, such incapacity being established by the satisfaction of the Parlamento de Maria.


The constitution details the following requirements for one to stand eligible for the office of Ĉefministro,

  • Candidates for the office of Ĉefministro shall not campaign for office on behalf or in support of a political party.
  • Any citizen who has reached the age of 18 and who has not been convicted of a felony or is not otherwise prohibited from holding public office.


The Ĉefministro shall have the authority to enact Proclamations, through which they shall with approval of the Parlamento de Maria and the Una Ministro:

  • Appoint various officers of state;
  • Dissolve the Parlamento de Maria;
  • Grant honours;
  • Commission officers of the Lygonian Armeo;
  • Declare holidays and periods of mourning; and
  • Carry out other functions as determined by law.

Other Duties.

The Ĉefministro shall, on the advice of the Parlamento de Maria, appoint the Una Ministro of the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta. The Ĉefministro shall have the authority to dissolve the Parlamento de Maria following a successful motion of no confidence in the Government. Sessions of the Parlamento of the Maritime Republic shall begin with an address from the Ĉefministro on the state of the Maritime Republic delivered to a meeting. The Ĉefministro appoints the Una Ministro via a hand picking and shall attain 2/3rd of the Parlamento de Maria approval for a Unua Ministro to be elected, with their position lasting for three months at a time.


The Ĉefministro may be impeached and tried by the Parlamento de Maria for treason, bribery and other forms of misconduct unbefitting of the office of Ĉefministro. In the event of the absence of the Ĉefministro, or their temporary incapacity, or their permanent incapacity hereof, or in the event of their death, resignation, removal from office, or at any time at which the office of Ĉefministro may be vacant, the powers and functions conferred on the Ĉefministro by or under the constitution shall be exercised and performed by the Una Ministro as Acting Ĉefministro.


  • The Parlamento de Maria may impeach the Ĉefministro by a simple majority vote in support.
  • Following conviction, the Parlamento de Maria may prohibit the convicted Ĉefministro from standing for election to public office for a period of time at their discretion by a simple majority vote in support.


The Ĉefministro shall hold the formal style of “His (or Her) Merites The Right Honourable A.B.”, the spoken style of “Mister (or Madame) Ĉefministro” or “Ĉefministro B.”, and the spoken diplomatic style of “Your Merites ”.

Former Ĉefministros

Former Ĉefministros, excluding those impeached and removed from office, shall have the formal style of “His Excellency the Honourable Ĉefministro The # A.B.” and the spoken style of “Mister (or Madame) Ĉefministro The #” or “Ĉefministro The # B.”, if a Ĉefministro is reelected then the title would include # one and # two.

List of Ĉefministros

# Portrait Officeholder


Term of office

— Election(s)

Prior office Una Ministro Dua
1 Anime Archie Birch.png His Merites The Right Honourable Archie Birch

Municipo of Acadia, Machias
6 March2021 Incumbent
Provisional Ĉefministro of The Damariscottan Republic
Jamie Birch Vacant
The Founder and Writer of the Maritime Republic and its Constitution, and lead the formation and revitalization of the former Misberian Confederacy lands and people into a new nation. He has helped the nation become a strong stable unified republic within weeks of its formation, known for being a very hands on leader and being involved in the development of the nation's many regions.