Social Democrats International

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Social Democrats International
LeaderAndrew Janiszewski
Newspaper'New Democratic Times'
Ideology • Liberalism
 • Big tent
 • Social democracy
 • Social liberalism
 • Secularism
Internal factions:
 • Centrism
 • Classical liberalism
Official coloursGolden Yellow, Orange, Emerald Green
New Democratic Times

The Social Democrats International is an intermicronational political party with "branches" or, more officially, sub-parties, in 5 nations; Sorrenia, Zirconic, Abelden, Hortania and Sinoland. The core ideology of the PIL centers around leftism and progressive social policy, although beyond that, sub-parties have the right to pursue a broad variety of political ideologies and movements. and the SDI sub-party in Sorrenia is a perfect example of a sub-party doing so, both formally and informally adopting Centrist policies. The Chairperson of the whole party is Andrew Janiszewski and, although every sub-party has the right to elect its own party leader, Janiszewski is also the leader of all the sub-parties.



The first SDI sub-party to really take off in a micronation was the New Democratic Party of Sorrenia, which has gone through various name changes, originally being the Liberty Party and currently being called the New Democratic-Liberty Party. The NDP helped to establish the first effective opposition in Sorrenian politics and set a precedent for SDI sub-parties to start making political gains elsewhere. Back in Zirconic, a micronation founded by SDI's leader, Janiszewski, political parties had been banned entirely for a very long time, but eventually they were established with a New Democratic Party being born into a hegemonic 14/25 seats on the Federal Council. With the success of these two parties, Janiszewski decided to reduce administrative beuracracy and increase international influence by unting those parties, and later, three more, under the SDI banner.


Andrew Janiszewski-NDLP of Sorrenia, NDP of Abelden, NDP of Sinoland, NDP of Hortania, NDP of Zirconic
Llewelyn Lawton-NDLP of Sorrenia, NDP of Sinoland, NDP of Zirconic
Donald West-NDLP of Sorrenia, NDP of Abelden, NDP of Hortania
Connor Watson-NDLP of Sorrenia
Arwyn Lawton-NDLP of Sorrenia
Harry Fitzpatrick-NDLP of Sorrenia
Jason Hale-NDLP of Sorrenia
Aug Dahlgren-NDP of Zirconic
Tim Janewski-NDP of Zirconic
Christian Janewski-NDP of Zirconic
Kendra Beckett-NDP of Zirconic
Reno Dactyl-NDP of Zirconic
Quimby Saur-NDP of Zirconic
Mary-Anne Janewski-NDP of Zirconic
Max McLeod-NDP of Zirconic


Logo Sub-Party Name Political Status Leader Notes Seats
Legislative Assembly of Respective Micronation Members: Population of Respective Nation
220px-Pentacle 2.svg.png New Democratic Party of Zirconic Forms government in Zirconic Andrew Janiszewski The New Democratic Party of Zirconic is the most influential SDI sub-party and the only sub-party to ever form a majority government in a micronation.
14 / 22
seats in Zirconic's Federal Council
10 / 60
200px-Ndlplogo3.png New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia De facto leads the Official Opposition of Sorrenia, as the largest opposition party in Sorrenia and an ally of both the PFD and the Commonwealth Party. Andrew Janiszewski The New Democratic-Liberty Party of Sorrenia is arguably the second most influential and succesful sub-party in SDI, and certainly one of the more active. The NDLP has gone through a lot of changes; it has gone from being a blip on the political map to being the second-largest party in Sorrenia's legislative assembly. Certainly, the NDLP, although different from other sub-parties in that it has changed both its name and its ideology to adapt to the political environment, is a great example of what the SDI can achieve when it works hard enough.
4 / 15
seats in Sorrenia's National Assembly
7 / 30
220px-Pentacle 2.svg.png New Democratic Party of Abelden Forms government in Abelden Andrew Janiszewski The New Democratic Party of Abelden is one of the smaller sub-parties of SDI, with only two members; however, compared to Abelden's total population, and given the number of seats the NDP in Abelden occupies, it would be wrong to say either that this means the party is unsuccessful or not influential in Abelden's politics. The NDP in Abelden is small, but is still an important part of the country's politics.
2 / 12
seats in Abelden's Parliament
2 / 18

220px-Pentacle 2.svg.png New Democratic Party of Hortania Forms government in Hortania in the form of the Democratic Coalition, a coalition with the larger Hortanian National Party Andrew Janiszewski The NDP in Hortania is also rather small, again with only two members; however, it is very influential in Hortanian politics, being the current Official Opposition and occcupying such powerful positions in the past as Prime Minister.
4 / 12
seats in Hortania's Parliament
3 / 11
220px-Pentacle 2.svg.png New Democratic Party of Sinoland Forms government in Sinoland Andrew Janiszewski Sinoland is a very new micronation, so it is difficult to predict whether or not the NDP will become a large part of its political environment; however, it should be noted that many current and former members of SDI, including Andrew Janiszewski, Llewelyn Lawton, Donald West and Damian Billbrough, are citizens of Sinoland, so there is, of course, some support for the NDP there. Sinoland's Parliament has not yet been organized
3 / 11
220px-Pentacle 2.svg.png New Democratic Party of Arthur Forms government in Arthur Andrew Janiszewski The NDP in Arthur is the farthest left party in Arthur's Parliament and effectively forms government due to holding the seat of Prime Minister. The NDP is aligning itself with other progressive parties in Arthur, such as the Papal Judachie Party and the Social Democratic Party of Arthur. Arthur's Parliament has not yet been organized
3 / 22