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!wiki is a command used with MicroWikiBot (MicroWikiBot#7420) on MicroWiki@Discord. If you type !wiki and then add the name of the article in any channel it will result in MicroWikiBot searching MicroWiki to find the article of that name. It also works with redirects, categories and files. For example, If you type !wiki Austenasia the article for the Empire of Austenasia will come up. This command does not work with special pages, double redirects, sandboxes, or redirects with content in them. Sometimes using the command to search these articles may result in MicroWikiBot not functioning properly, or not functioning at all.

If you try to find an article that was deleted or does not exist the message 'Sorry, I could not find this article.' will be displayed.

Currently, the !wiki command is not working, since MicroWikiBot is currently inactive.