!khās Street

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!khās Street in August 2018, looking west

ǃkhās Street is a street in Új Repülő, New Eiffel. !khās Street was formerly recognised as an alley, however was designated ǃkhās Street on 28 December 2019, and officially recognised as a street alongside Seat Street, making it one of the first two streets designated and oldest street still in use.[1]


"ǃkhās" means flower in the Khoekhoe language,[2] however it is unknown why !khās Street was named after the word.


!khās Street begins at an intersection between Új Repülő Street and Leon Montan is Gay Street, heading perfectly straight, passing Unnamed Circle — which is a roundabout — than ending at the New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border. New Eiffel School, Jimbo's Gym, and a privately-owned shed are located on the street. The Main Route 1 travels through the street, and possibly leads into Unnamed Circle, a roundabout which by some definitions is located on !khās Street.


A destination Street B destination
New Eiffel-United Kingdom West Border !khās Street (final street) Leon Montan is Gay Street (south)
Új Repülő Street (north)

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