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The Zonian Broadcasting Network (also called SBC ZBN) is a TV station under development by the Department of Development in the Zonian Confederacy. The TV station is planned to be trasmitted to proper televisions. In the meanwhile, ZBN is responsible for filming any Zonian activities. It is now sometimes considered to be part of the Siroccan Broadcasting Corporation

Zonian Broadcasting Network
Micronation:Zona, Sirocco
Type:TV Station
CEO:Robin Visser


  • Marzio Treason Trial
  • Many intro videos
  • Civil Protection Promotional Video

Video Plans

  • Blood Bowl Matches
  • News Reports
  • Zonian Advertising
  • Pa-Shi Tournements
  • ZUM Training

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Nicholas Woode-Smith | Nicholas Marzio | Nicholas Babaya | James Macey | Christiaan Hugo | Robin Visser

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