Zealandian National Party

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Zealandian National Party
Zålandienš Landetietur Flokkurinn
Nationella Partiet
Party PresidentVacant
FoundedDecember, 2010
DissolvedJune 20 2012
Split fromNational Peoples Party
HeadquartersÞorkjavik, Zealandia
Right-wing populism
Social democracy
Political positionRight-wing to far-right
Official coloursLight blue, white
Seats in Løgþing
0 / 5
Regional Seats
0 / 10
County Governors
0 / 5
0 / 12

The Zealandian National Party (ZNP) was a political party in Zealandia. The ZNP was established after Mark Bobssen and Daniel Morris left the National Peoples Party after a dispute about political direction. The ZNP was in opposition.

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