Zarel I, Prince of New Eiffel

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Zarel I
Prince of New Eiffel
Reign11 August 2018 -
Born18 November 2004 (2004-11-18) (age 15)
London, England
Full name
Zarel Wilhelmus Jacobus Smith
FatherLouis Smith
MotherDaleen Smith
ReligionAnglican Christian
SignatureZarel I's signature

HM Prince Zarel I OLN OAO OCP OCI MMX (Zarel Wilhelmus Jacobus Smith;[1] Prince Zed I;[2][3]; Zedy Smith[4]; born 18 November 2004), commonly known mononymously as Zed is the first and incumbent prince of the Principality of New Eiffel,[5][6][7] and former ceremonial head of state of the Islands of Omaha. Zarel is also a film critic, actor, filmmaker, wiki-editor[1] and retired artist. Zarel edits MicroWiki under the username "Z. Luna Skye",[8] and with over 25,000 edits[9] and more than 3,300 articles created,[10] Zarel holds the highest amount of edits made on MicroWiki.[11]

Zarel is a well-known micronationalist in the MicroWiki Sector, and was nominated for DIME Magazine's "Micronationalist of the Year" for 2019, coming second with 8 votes to Emperor Adam's 9.[12] Zarel has also been nominated three times for Dime Micronationalist of the Month, twice in 2019 for the months of March and August,[13] and in 2020 for the month of February, which he won. In the MicroWiki General Survey, a question asking people to fill in checkboxes for a list of eight MicroWiki micronationalists for which they had heard of Zarel was tied with Jonathan I of Austenasia for the most with 91.2% out of 34 respondents.[14] Zarel is also known through the "@New Eiffel Government" MicroWiki meme, as well as Zed Face and "Zedposting".

On 14 March 2019, Zarel became a non-residential subject of the Empire of Austenasia after founding the Austenasian Territory of Green Gate, which he administers as its Governor as Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate.[15] On 4 August 2019, Zarel became a non-residential subject of the Kingdom of Baustralia and serves as Baustralian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as serving as the Ikonian Ambassador to the United Kingdom under the name Zed Zarel, which, however due to Ikonia's recent inactivity, Zarel has done little in the position.

In New Eiffel, Zarel was the Prime Minister candidate and leader of the Socialist Scandinavian Party, than later briefly became a member of the Conservative Party, however after being demoted decided to leave the party and act neutral in New Eiffelic politics. Zarel is a member of Populares in Abelden, and won 'the closest electoral victory in a by-election', running for Populares winning the by-election to a newly created seat of the Reichsversammlung by two votes, having received 18 votes, against his opponent, Chase Nanatovich of Social Ecology, who received 16 votes.[6] Zarel is also the leader of the Social Democratic Party in Mahuset[1] and member of the Conservative Party in Posaf, where he is a member of the Nievenorte Assembly. Zarel also runs multiple satirical parties, including the international Shrek Super Party in Caddia and Essexia.[16][17] Zarel founded the Organisation of Active Micronations on November 2018,[18][19] formerly the New Eiffel Union of Micronations,[20] which had 47 Full Members and 7 Observers at its of collapse due to continued unprofessionalism.[21] Zarel serves as the Secretariat for Micronational Development for the Grand Unified Micronational.[22] Zarel is the sole co-founder of the Help Joining the GUM project,[23][better source needed] founder and Chair of the Christian Micronational Union, Vice-President for Special Games for the Micronational Olympic Federation, and former President of the Assembly for the Plush Nation Cooperation Union.

Early life and education

Zarel was born on 18 November 2004 in Epsom General Hospital in Surrey. Zarel is of South African descent. He grew up in a very well off family. He moved a few times in his very early life, and grew up in Wimbledon, London living with both his birth parents and two siblings, where he currently still resides. He is raised Anglican, and baptised when he was around the age of two. Zarel is homeschooled.


In 2013, Zarel started showing interest in drama and theatre acting, and started going to a drama school in Kingston. Sometime in 2014, Zarel also started taking art classes from the same school. The art teacher noted Zarel's artistic skills. While there, he completed the bronze arts award, and was one of the best of his class. He left Kingston School in 2015. In 2018, Zarel started attending New Eiffel School. In the same year, Zarel started going to film and theatre acting classes at Esher Church of England High School.[24]

Micronational career

2017–September 2018

Zarel became interested in micronationalism after hearing about the Republic of Molossia via its website. Zarel later learned more about micronationalism via Wikipedia, and founded the Republic of New Finland on 31 December 2017,[25] on New Year's Eve minutes before New Year's Day; laying claim to land in South Africa. Zarel created its flag, coat of arms and currency after some research on the subjects.

Joining MicroWiki

Zarel registered an account on MicroWiki on 27 September 2018, and made his first edit on 28 September. Zarel founded the now-defunct Organisation Of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union), under the name New Eiffel Union of Micronations on 21 November 2018,[26] and invited various nations to participate, making great political friends with Lahv Morris of Blue Army and Cooper Norfolk of Seybold. Zarel's first impression to the wider community was one of ridicule, after engaging in online micronational warfare on MicroWiki talk pages with Aidan McGrath, after McGrath declared war on New Eiffel because of furries.[27] The incident, dubbed the 'Furry war' was strongly criticised on MicroWiki@Discord. Both Zarel and McGrath regretted the conflict and established peace after New Eiffel joined the League of Nations on 16 January 2019.

Zarel made his 1,000th edit on MicroWiki on 9 January 2019,[28] and created the Dime Micronationalist of the Month award on 28 January 2019.[2] Zarel joined the Micronational Chess League on 7 February.[29] Zarel was made a MicroWiki patroller[30] on 24 February. Zarel with help from Karl Friedrich created the website MicroWikiDictionary on 7 April, although the website has not been commonly used. Zarel became a non-residential subject of the Empire of Austenasia after founding the Austenasian Territory of Green Gate on 14 March, which he administers as its Governor as Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate.[15] Zarel established the Order of the Beaver New Eiffelic civilic order on 25 March. Zarel co-founded the popular Microcode project with various others on 16 April.[31] The MicroWiki meme "@New Eiffel Government", involving users pinging ("@ing") Zarel's MicroWiki@Discord account started on 19 April.[32]

May 2019 onwards

Zarel in February 2020

Zarel made his 10,000th edit on MicroWiki on 7 June.[33] On 22 July, Zarel was made the subtitle translator for the upcoming film Data Disaster in Afrikaans. Zarel hosted the 2019 Micronational Rock Paper Scissors Tournament from 29 July to the 5 August. The tournament saw sixteen nations compete. Zarel joined the Micropolitan Club and Lounge on 18 August. On 7 November, Zarel became the user with the most edits on MicroWiki with 18,607 edits,[34] and is also the first user to hit 20,000 edits which he achieved on 5 December.[35] On 22 November, Zarel from Statistic-Dime and Jayden Lycon from Curio Publications founded DIME Magazine, which is a monthly micronational magazine jointly run by the two.[36] On 2 December, in response to the Leon Face MicroWiki meme, Zarel drew a pencil-sketch portrait of the Leon Face meme with his face left blank with the text "Where Is My Face?" written in red, protesting for the Leon Face emoji to be added back to MicroWiki@Discord. Zarel is one of the co-founders of TOES which was founded on Christmas Day.[37]


For New Year Honours, Zarel was made a Member of the Iustian Order of Ongwanada[38] and the Millanian Most Glorious Order of Millanian Excellence for his "outstanding service to the community."[39] Notably, Zarel made the first edit on MicroWiki in the year 2020.[40] Zarel currently serves as the Secretariat for Micronational Development,[41] after being appointed on 11 January 2020. On 16 January, the Posafi province of Nievenorte had its first local elections for a small council, the first time a Friends administrative region has done this, and Zarel Smith of the Conservatives were one of the two elected. On 28 January, Zarel starting writing his first book The Micronation Index: A Book About Micronationalism. Zarel became a wiki administrator on MicroWiki on 2 February.[42] Zarel is currently acting as Ad-Interim Press Secretary for the Grand Unified Micronational while Emperor Adam I focuses on finishing his degree, and is currently unable to actively write news articles. Zarel was named Dime's Micronationalist of the Month for March 2020, winning with nine votes ahead of three other nominees. Zarel's satirical big-tent Essexian party, the Shrek Super Party, gained one seat in the 2020 general election which was held between 1-3 March, and Zarel became the Minister of Culture. On 9 March, Zarel became the Minister of Orthography for Morgannwg in Abelden.[43] Zarel participated in the Cupertino Alliance's 69 Hour Session, held between 14 March - 17 March.[44][45]

Film career

Zarel in InterYet to Come (2019), the image later became associated with the Zedposting meme

Zarel is an actor, filmmaker and film critic. Zarel is the owner of ZSR Film Reviews, where he publishes his reviews for various feature films.[46] Zarel is the founder of the New Eiffelic film studio Z&jProductions,[47] for which, alongside other New Eiffelic film studios and independently, he has created over twenty short-films. Zarel has also created a feature-film, Soothing Ring of Fire (2019), an Avant-Garde film which is ten hours and thirty-four minutes of slow motion footage of an unchanging view of an electronic heater fan, and has no conventional narrative or characters, and largely reduces the experience of cinema to the passing of time.[48] Zarel is currently working on four more feature-films, the Republic of Me,[49][50] a documentary about New Eiffel, and two more Avant-Garde films, Be Happy and Aucun personnage disponible. Zarel has created, produced and started in a number of his short-films, When Nibiru Comes (2017), The Great War Part I (2018), Med-Evil Ghost (2019), Underneath (2019), and started in a number of short-films which he has not produced, First Bite (2018), Cutlery (2019), Mostly Haunted (2019), and most notably InterYet to Come (2019).[51] Zarel has also created and started in a number of web-series', such as (Blank) Commercial! and most notably The best soup Opera ever made. On September 2018, Zarel auditioned for a role in a comedy school-themed short film. On 22 September, Zarel went to a second audition for the film, however did not get the role. On 2 July 2019, Zarel started in the film InterYet to Come, which came second place in the 2019 Childnet Film Competition.[52]


Zarel has appeared in over 20 different short films, and is currently working on two feature films, The Republic of Me and a documentary about New Eiffel. Zarel notably starred in the film First Bite, which was released on YouTube on 9 May 2018.[53]

Non-Z&jProductions short-films

Year Title Acting role Others Ref
2018 "First Bite" First victim [54]
2019 "Cutlery" Male "The Fork" Co-director [55][56]
2019 "InterYet to Come" Ghost of Internet Past [52]
2019 "Mostly Haunted" Male twin
2020 Untitled Horror Film Director [57]
2020 "Coughs and Sneezes Spreads Diseases 2020" Man #2 [58]

avant-garde feature films

Zarel has created one avant-garde feature film, and is currently also working on three more avant-garde feature films, Be Happy, Aucun personnage disponible. and an untitled project.

Year Title Synopsis
2019 "Soothing Ring of Fire"[59] Ten hours and thirty-four minutes of slow motion footage of an unchanging view of an electronic heater fan. The film does not have conventional narrative or characters, and largely reduces the experience of cinema to the passing of time.[48]
2020 "Ambient Walks"[60] The film starts off with archival "VHS"-filtered footage, before turning into a slow motion video of people walking for 2 hours and 7 minutes, looped over and over again until it cuts off and ends after exactly 1,800 minutes (30 hours) of runtime.[61]

Statistical work

Zarel founded the statistical company Statistic-Fire with Anthony Dickson, which later merged with DIME on 21 October 2019 to form Statistic-Dime.

Zarel conducted the controversial Micronational Popularity Index between 22 January - 12 March 2019. The survey was his first on micronationalism, and had 44 respondents. Zarel also created the Micronational Macronation Index, which was not a survey but a list of macronations by number of micronations located in them. The research for the index was taken between 6 February and 27 February. Zarel did something similar with the Micronational Leaders Index, which was researched between 5 February - 10 March, taking longer than the Micronational Macronation Index. Zarel later created the surveys the Micronational Peace Index and the Micronational Tourism Index, which were both cancelled. Zarel later conducted the MicroWiki Editors Survey between 29 June - 1 July, a survey with questions regarding people who edit on MicroWiki.[62] The survey had 29 respondents. In early August 2019, Zarel made a survey on LGBTQ+ rights, called the 2019 Statistic Fire's LGBT Rights Index. The index lists 26 micronations, ranked from the scores -15 to 15 based on LGBTQ+ rights. The Index received endorsements from various micronations, including Mahuset[63] and Cycoldia, with Cycoldia citing that it was proof of their "great strides to an amazing society". A second index, called Statistic Fire's 2020 LGBT Rights Index is planning on being conducted in May 2020, and may contain different or revised questions. Zarel most notably conducted the MicroWiki General Survey, which had 34 respondents. They survey was conducted between the 9 November – 11 November 2019. The survey featured ten questions, some relating to communication methods, such as "Do you use the MicroWiki forums?", approval or disapproval of the Grand Unified Micronational, and micronational warfare. The survey reportedly found interesting and some surprising results.[14] Between 1-4 March 2020, Zarel and Jayden Lycon held the Dime-Curio Micronational Organisation Poll, which is a poll used to rank intermicronational organisations.[64]

Music career

From late 2016 onwards, Zarel started taking an interest in producing music, and has produced a number of EDM, house and dubstep songs under the stage-name "DJ Zeddy".[65] Two albums have been released thus far, comprising fourteen songs in total, with two more albums having been announced. Zarel has also released three singles, Thunder, a song featuring vocals by jOOST Smith, Explosive, and a comedic song released with a music video about a kid making fun of the Grand Unified Micronational, titled "THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better", mocking criticism of the GUM and YAMOs. The song later became of the two national anthems of the Cupertino Alliance on 20 March 2020, "having higher precedence", meaning that it gets to be played first.[66][a]


Release Album Songs Genre(s)
12 February 2019 "DJ Zeddy" 8 House, EDM, dubstep
1 January 2020 "!" 6 EDM, experimental, swing
1 June 2020 "1st of June 2020" TBA Experimental
1 January 2021 "E13 Studio Album #6" TBA Experiential


Release Song Genre Notes
12 October 2018 "Thunder" Electro-Pop Featuring vocals by Joost Smith
20 October 2018 "Explosive" Dubstep
3 January 2020 "GUM DIS TRACK: THE UNITED MICRANATIONS is better" Gamflik Comedy-joke music video making fun of the Grand Unified Micronational[68]

Album singles

Release Song Genre Album
26 September 2017 "DROP DA BASS” Dubstep DJ Zeddy
27 December 2017 "Courage" EDM DJ Zeddy
2017 "The Mannequin Challenge" EDM DJ Zeddy
9 September 2019 "Funky Spark" Electro swing, Funk !

Film awards

Event Nation Award Film title Notes
Childnet Film Competition 2019 United Kingdom 2nd place best film award InterYet to Come Award for the school which produced the film


Personal life

Zarel currently resides in New Leeds, New Eiffel, which is located in London. Zarel natively speaks English and Afrikaans.[1] Zarel is a filmmaker, actor, film critic and statistician. Zarel enjoys contributing to wikis and encyclopaedias,[1] most prominently MicroWiki, IMDb and Wikipedia among others. Zarel loves the outdoors, and enjoys traveling, hiking, camping and glamping, photography and biking. Other activities and hobbies of Zarel include video editing, coding, studying films, drawing and creating other art and writing. Zarel is also a furry,[69] and is a big fan of geography, music, cultural geography, transport geography and the Philadelphian singer Kyle McCarthy "NIIC the Singing Dog" and French electro-swing band Caravan Palace. Zarel's favourite book is A Christmas Carol[44] and his favourite films are 12 Angry Men (1957), Wolf Children (2012), Felidae (1994), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Princess Mononoke (1997) and The Wizard of Oz (1939) - his favourite television show is the Japanese anime Beastars.

Zarel has been described as "film-obsessed," "colourful," "hard-working," and a combination of "creative and funny."[1] Zarel has social anxiety, and is an introvert, soft-hearted and shy. Zarel is a Christian, teetotaler (though does not advocate against alcohol consumption) and pescatarian, but does not openly refuse meat when presented with it in order to be polite.

Zarel also has a form of rhotacism, meaning he has an inability to pronounce the sound r.

Political views

Politically, Zarel is a former supporter of the British Conservative Party. Zarel now describes himself as being apolitical. Zarel is a big fan of satire, and says he wants to vote for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Zarel has always been a supporter of freedom of speech and been against censorship of the internet, also having a strong belief that knowledge should be free.

Titles, styles, and honours

 New Eiffel
  • 30 August 2018 – present: His Majesty Prince Zarel I of New Eiffel
  • 28 February 2019 – present: Grand Peacefur
 Islands of Omaha
  • 8 December 2018 – present: Head of state of the Islands of Omaha
  • 14 March 2019 – present: Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate


 New Eiffel
FLAGMNG.png Millania


Former titles

 New Eiffel
  • 11 August 2018 - 30 August 2018: His Majesty Prince Zed I of New Temporary



State photographs

Image Date Location
ZedI.jpg 6 March 2019 United Kingdom, South Gloucestershire
ZarelJune2019.jpeg 11 Oct 2019 (7 June 2019 (de facto)) New Eiffel, New Leeds
TBA May 2020 TBD


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