ZPY (Rikuchreb Congress)

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Upper Congress
Zilnav Pak Yitü
TypeUnicameral legislature
Political groups     Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar (JGGR)

     Centrist Party of Rikuchar (PGR)
     Conservative Republican Party of Rikuchar (PØGR)

Voting systemMajority Rule
Meeting place

The Zilnav Pak Yitü (translated to English as Upper Congress) or ZPY, is the higher of the 2 congresses in the government of the Ijivate of Rikuchar. The ZPY consists of 5 "Ḥü'wïk". Each Ḥü'wÿ votes for or against any bill or proposal that is passed to them by the PYLØ.


Portfolio Minister Term Party Notes
Ḥü'wÿ Netwafekzră I (de facto) 14 July 2030 Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar
Ḥü'wÿ Taprüĵnatïk Ohamzolÿ 14 July 2030 Centrist Party of Rikuchar
Ḥü'wÿ Ohametk Vrokă 14 July 2030 Freedom Left Party of Rikuchar
Ḥü'wÿ N/A N/A
Ḥü'wÿ N/A N/A