Yurtyzstani keum

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Yurtyzstani keum
Official usersYurtyzstanflag.jpg Yurtyzstan
Pegged to.60 Hong Kong dollars
Central bankYurtyzstani People's National Bank and Reserve
PrinterYurtyzstani People's National Bank and Reserve

The Yurtyzstani keum (sign: , code: YKM) is the official currency of the Democratic People's Republic of Yurtyzstan. According to the Yurtyzstani government, which determines exchange rates, eight octillion Yurtyzstani keum is equivalent to one United States Dollar.


Keum is the Yurtyzstani and Korean word for "gold".


All keum banknotes are identical on the obverse and reverse sides.

March 2012 series
Value Picture Description
金 8 octillion YKM 8oct 312.jpg An iconic photograph of the average pre-war yurt in Yurtpyitaw.