Ying dynasty

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Great Ying
Government in exile
(20–26 July 2014)

20 July — 11 August 2014

Flag of Ying.png
Seal of Ying.png
Imperial Seal

"Gong Jin'ou"
("Cup of Solid Gold")
Official language(s)Chinese, English
GovernmentProvisional government under monarchy
- Acting emperorLiu-kuang (20 July - 11 August 2014)
Established20 July 2014

The Ying dynasty, also Empire of the Great Ying, or Great Ying, was a unrecognized Beiwanese dynasty in exile for six days, based in York, United Kingdom, Okinokyo, Shurigawa and Kangyo, Kangcho. The Ying dynasty ruled Pipa and Pingzhou from 26 July 2014 until it succeeded the establishment of the Greater Beiwanese Empire at the end of the revolution.


The Ying Dynasty, was the imperial dynasty of Beiwan, it lasted for a brief time. The Ying Dynasty was established during the Qǐyì Revolution, it ruled Pipa and Pingzhou until it succeeded the establishment of the State of Beiwan at the end of the revolution.