Xander Renkema Incident

The Xander Renkema Incident was an incident that happened during August of 2019, when Emperor Anthony I was in a call with Nicolas Miranda, during the call, Nicolas Miranda was impersonating as Xander Renkema. As it turns out Xander Renkema is a real documented person in real life who goes to Nicolas Miranda's school and track meetings. "Xander Renkema" would later be granted Saspearian citizenship and also offered land for annexation. On 17 August 2019, the Sedro-Woolley Accords was signed by Emperor Anthony I and "Xander Renkema" making "Renkema Colony" Established. Eventually, Emperor Anthony I found out that there wasn't any land annexed by Saspearian in Washington State, therefore, the treaty, land, and citizenship would become invalidated.

Claims as Xander Renkema