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X-File Agency

The X-File Agency (XFA), formerly Kid United Republic Intelligence Agency, is the military/Federal intelligence agency of the Kid United Republic. It was formed on October 2011, prior to the formation to the 1st election of KUR Congress. The current head of the XFA is CLASSIFIED.

X-File Agency
XFA Emblem
Motto:Secrets Lie in Darkness
Founded:18 October 2011
Headquarters:Republic City
Employee Count:Classified

Head of XFA

XFA has 2 heads since it was formed on October 2011, they are:

  • Jackson Cole
  • CLASSIFIED (It is unknown who is in charge since the XFA Protection Act of 2014)

Some Unclassified Facts about the XFA

  • It was named after the X-Files (1990's T.V show)
  • Congress did not know about the XFA until Pres. Richards told them.
  • The XFA is in several countries.
  • President Jackson Cole's First postion in the Kid United Republic was XFA Director.
  • A small portion of the Kid United Republic Government Budget is the XFA but it's unknown how much or how little. (Ha! Ha! Ha!)
  • The XFA usually has a project every month.

Declassified Cases

Name of the case Time Status
Project Evolutionary December 2013 CLASSIFIED
Project Dictator February 2014 Success
Project F (Tested First Computer Surveillance) October 2014 Failed
Project Tron (Weapon Testing Projects) April 2015 Success
Project Red October May 2015 CLASSIFIED
Project Gables June 2015 Failed
Operation Dial July 2015 Success