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Wyvernian kans

The Wyvern kans, the successor of the Snakian Kans and Wyvern Dollar, is the official currency of the Kingdom of Wyvern. It was first released in late 2010 as a symbolic currency. Within the Kingdom of Wyvern, financial transactions with euros are sometimes counted in Kansen for micronational purposes. It has a fixed exchange rate of €0,50, but it is never used. It is available in notes of K10, K100 and K1000.

Wyvern Kans
Official usersWyvernflagaugust2010.png Kingdom of Wyvern, Koekahflag.png Barony of Koekah
Pegged to.50 Euros
BanknotesK10, K100, K1000


It is based on the former currency of the Kingdom of Wyvern, the Wyvern Dollar. The name for the new currency was taken from the Snakian currency, the Kans. The K10 note was the first note to be designed. It was basically a recolored version of the Wyvern Dollar, only with more intense colours and new values. After the K10 note was designed, the government decided that it wanted more Kans notes. It issued the K100, and after that the K1000. There have been talks about higher or lower values, but the government has decided that these are not necessary for a symbolic currency.


The K10 note has the colour purple, symbolizing the Kingdom of Wyvern. The K100 note is red, for the state of Dullahan. The K1000 note is green, symbolizing Xtabay and, to a certain degree, Marine State, the main areas of nature in the Kingdom of Wyvern.