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Grand Constitutional Republic of Wuzstria
Coat of Arms
Largest cityWüstenburg and Concord
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesSpanish
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
• Chancellor
• Vice-Chancellor
Independence from the United States
• Independence of Ebrio
28 December 2018
• Independence of Wüstenburg
Early 2019
• Estimate
Driving sideright

Wuzstria, formally the Grand Constitutional Republic of Wuzstria, is a nation landlocked within Arizona, United States. Wuzstria (known as Ebrio at the time) was founded on December 28th, 2017.

Wuzstria is not currently recognized by any nation within the UN and is considered a micronation. Wuzstria consists of 5 provinces. The capital city, Wüstenburg, resides within the province of Wüstenburg. Its current government is a Constitutional Republic. The head of state is the Grand Chancellor. The Grand Chancellor serves a term of two weeks.


The first use the name "Wuzstria" came when the then monarch of Valnor decided the country needed a name change in 2018-2019. The name was derived from the capital province and city of now Wuzstria, Wüstenburg. Wüstenburg is German for Desert castle. A "z" was later added to the name for known reason.


Founding of Ebrio and Civil War

Ebrio was founded on the 28th of December, 2018. The nation from there grew, but it was not long until political factions formed. The first elected President's residence was the de facto capital of the Ebrion Federation. A few citizens though devised a plan to overthrow the then President. In early 2018 (exact date is not known because of the deletion of Google+), several states broke off and became the Empire of Valnor. Valnor captured the President of the Ebrion Federation, and forced him to give the state of Ebrio over to the newly established Empire of Valnor. The name during this time was change multiple times, but the nation remained a monarchy.


House of Burgesses



States within Wuzstria are an administrative zone. States usually have little to no power and directly governed by the federal government.


Wüstenburg is a state within Wuzstria. The capital of Wuzstria is located within this state and bears the same name. The state was made on December 28th, 2017.


Ebrio is a state within Wuzstria. The capital of the state is Concord. The state was made on December 28th, 2017.

Pinncle Peak

Pinncle Peak is a state within Wuzstria. The capital of the state is Pinnacle Peak. The state was made on Early 2019.

Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge is a state within Wuzstria. The capital of the state is Alexandria. The state was made on June 14, 2020


Kaktusagard is a state within Wuzstria. The capital of the state is Kaktusagard. The state was made on June 5, 2020. Originally a new micronation, its then leader decided to merge the province into Wuzstria as a sign of peace.


Wuzstria is a constitutional republic. The head of state and government is the Grand Chancellor. The main legislative body of Wuzstria is the House of Burgesses. Currently, for every 4 citizens, there is one burgess. The Judicial system is headed by a maximum of three supreme court justices and a minimum of one.

Seal of the House of Burgesses


The Wuzstrian Armed Forces is the nation's military force. The Wuzstrian Armed Forces is made up of one branch, the Wuzstrian Army. The head of the Wuzstrian Army is the Chief of Staff of the Army. The Chief of Staff is directly appointed by the Chancellor.

Logo of the Wuzstrian Army

Chiefs of Staff of the Army

Name Branch Rank Took Office Left Office
Jaiden Juarez Army General of the Army (5 stars) 6/15/20 ?