Workers' Commonwealth of South Jersey

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Workers' Commonwealth of South Jersey

All power to the workers!
The Internationale
Capital cityWrightstown
Largest cityCamden
Official language(s)English
Short nameSouth Jersey
DemonymSouth Jerseyan
Governmentlibertarian socialist federated semi-direct council republic
LegislatureCongress of Cantons
EstablishedJune 17th, 2018
Area claimed12,134km² (4,685mi²)
Population~ 2,500,000
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEST (UTC-4)

The Workers' Commonwealth of South Jersey is a self-declared independent nation-state in North America, originally and still officially part of the United States of America, however de-facto independent. It's claimed territory borders the United States (Pennsylvania, New Jersey), and encompasses 12,134 square kilometers. The territory is highly forested, with a long coastline from the Delaware Bay to the Atlantic.