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Wodanlond is a province-level administrative division that borders Lower Copan and the Farmlands. Wodanlond has existed since ancient times, most likely before the formation of Copan itself as an independent community.

The (Upper and Lower) Woodlands
Majwodanlond aan Miinwodanlond
—  Province  —

Motto: Drotes ad omn (Our roots are everywhere)
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Outer Copan
Wodanlond Ancient
Founder Emperor Ceboku
Administrative Division Wodanlond
 - Arch-Fey Dolgutas Félú
Area code(s) WDN


Since ancient times Wodanlond has been an important part of the Orontonian region. It was the first part of Copan to be colonised, infact the chieftess of Wodanlond at that time was very accepting of becoming part of Copan, and the province kept its ethnic majority.

The Anexation of Upper-Wodanlond

Towards the end of the seccond era the area of Wodanlond, known as Upper-Wodanlond was anexed by the United Kingdom during a provincial visit by the Copanic Emperor Ceboku.

This event happened at the very northern part of Upper-Wodanlonds in a town called Nordwenjolsted "Northwall". Emperor Ceboku was in the town for a celbration heralding the end of the Fabonian war. During the Celebration in a ritual known as 'Exnstonwenjol' (Frowing over the wall). A small regimemt of United Kigndom lotalists encroched on the Copanic land forcing the Emperor and the Chieftess to retreat to Lower-Wodanlond.

After this event Copan has been unable to reinstate their rule, and, as found in a copan run poll the majority of the poppulation living in Upper-Wodanlond would like to be part of Copan.

Classification & Government

Wodanlond is an administrative division of Copan that holds 3 seats in the national council, 4, it is split into two Municipalities: Kaandh, and Feldr and Spokn.