Winterspell Monarchy

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King of Winterspell
CoA Winterspell.png
Royal Portrait of Petrus I.jpg
Petrus I

Style His Majesty
Heir presumptive Princess Olivia
First monarch Petrus I
Formation 10 December 2017
Residence Château Andreas

The Winterspell Monarchy, is a political institution in Winterspell comprising of the monarch, royal family, and royal advisors. The monarch is the head of state in Winterspell. This position wields undefined power and great influence within the kingdom. The first and only monarch is King Petrus I who has been on the throne since its creation on 10 December 2017.


In December 2017, former Lord Aidan had called for more ranks and titles in Winterspell. One such title was that of king. Upon its creation, it was suggested by former Lord Jackson that Lord Pierce take the throne as the kingdom's first monarch. Upon his ascension, Petrus appointed the rest of the lords to the position of prince.


The Winterspell Monarchy is split into three parts: the monarch, the royal family, and the royal advisors[1]. It also supervises the Royal Treasury.


The monarch is the head of state and has nearly unlimited ability to influence the kingdom. This title is passed down through equal primogeniture.

Royal family

The royal family is the direct relatives of the current reigning monarch including the royal consort, parents, siblings, and children. Neither grandchildren or grandparents are included. All members of the royal family carry the title Prince or Princess with the exception of the consort who has either Prince-Consort or Queen-Consort. The royal family is barred from holding public office. Relatives of the monarch who are not part of the royal family are entitled to the title of Lord or Lady, on request.

Royal advisors

The royal advisors are a group hand-selected by the monarch to oversee the day-to-day function of the kingdom.

Line of succession

The current line of succession to the Winterspell throne starts from King Petrus[2].

  • (3) Lady Rita A. (b. 1945)
    • (4) Michelle G. (b. 1969)
      • (5) Charlie S. (b. 1991)
      • (6) Ashley S. (b. 1994)
    • (2) Prince John (b. 1973)
      • Simple gold crown.svg King Petrus I (b. 2003)
      • (1) Princess Olivia (b. 2008)

List of monarchs

Winterspell has had only one monarch.

Portrait Arms Name Birth Marriages Death House
R Petrus I Square.jpeg CoA Andreas.png Petrus I

Pierce Anderson

10 December 2017



(3 years, 356 days)

29 January 2003

Longmont, CO, USA

Unmarried Living

Age: 18 years, 306 days



Petrus I of WinterspellHouse of Andreas


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