Whiskey Islands

The Whiskey Islands is a colony of Baustralia that is a part of the Beaver Archipelago. It was announced officially as an Ikonian Overseas Territory on 4 May 2019 and given to the Baustralian Empire on 26 August 2019.

Colony of Whiskey Islands

Flag of the Whiskey Islands
Coat of arms
Motto: "Lead by our history, leading our future."
A map of Whiskey Islands (not to scale)
A map of Whiskey Islands (not to scale)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
John I
• Lord Governor
Duke of Northumbria
• Claimed for Ikonia
3 May 2019
• Created Ikonian Overseas Territory
4 May 2019
• Given to Baustralia
26 August 2019
• Total
9.4 km2 (3.6 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyBoerc (BUB)
RIS 002 codeWI


Ikonian rule

The Dominion was formed originally on 3 May 2019, after it was annexed by the Kingdom of Ikonia through an act making it the second Ikonian Overseas Territory. The government has also claimed like with Baker Island, that an election to make a Governor-general is imminent. Like the Company rule of the URC in Rhodesia and Baker Island, they followed the same bans of the following:-

  • No other land claim regarding the Whiskey Islands that the Kingdom of Ikonia has annexed will be recognized
  • If the Overseas Territory dissolves as an effect from the Governor-general, the island will stay as the Protectorate of Whiskey, keeping the first rule in effect.
  • Drugs or paraphernalia of any kind, alcohol, and plastic bags are banned.[1]

A report on the Ikonian Overseas Territories, including the Whiskey Islands were published by the Foreign Secretary of Ikonian Overseas Territories, Aidan McGrath.[2]

Baustralian rule

On 24 August 2019, the King Cameron I of Ikonia approached the King John I of Baustralia wondering if he wanted the land. John accepted, and the land was given. On 25 August 2019, the first bills were written about the new dominion, and in August 2019, he royally assented the Whiskey Islands Act and in September, the National Symbols Act (Whiskey Islands) was royally assented.

In October 2019, the Colony Act was passed through Baustralian parliament to change all the Dominions' name from Dominion of to Colony of to reflect the governing by Parliament rather than the Colony's own legislature.

National symbols

Ikonian rule

The Ikonian flag of Whiskey Islands, sometimes called the Ol' Whiskey Blue, is the national flag of the Whiskey Islands that was adopted on 5 May 2019. It was reportedly shown thumbtacked up in the Royal Residence, when the King of Ikonia, Cameron I, was presenting it to the royal family.

According to Whiskey Islands government information, the Whiskey Islands flag is "a synopsis of principal elements of the vexillology." They also stated that each symbol on the flag represented its own meaning, as listed -

  • Red - "For the bravery, trust, and bloodshed.
  • White - "For the ever hopeful peace between the islands
  • Blue - "For the second overseas territory in Ikonian history"
  • Star - "The unification between the two islands, and for the bounding of Ikonian citizens as one"

At the time of its adoption, the Whiskey Islands flag was the only Ikonian-related flag to comprise of the three most common flag colors in the world, red, white, and blue in its primary design.

Colour Hex code RGB sample
"Glorious Red" #CB0101
"Unific White" #FFFFFF
"Sweet Blue" #1C1479

Baustralian rule

The flag of Whiskey Islands is a Baustralian Red Ensign with the unofficial shield of arms in the fly. It was the unofficial flag before the passing of National Symbols Act (Whiskey Islands).

The coat of arms of Whiskey Islands is similar to that of the other dominions, with no supporters or flags, no motto, and bearing a blue and white torse. The escutcheon is Argent a royal crown proper, that is, on a white shield, a Tudor Crown of its own colours. It was once again the unofficial coat of arms before the passing of the aforementioned Act.