Whig Party (Derskov-Viadalvia)

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Nationalist Revolutionary Front
LeaderKevin Vanhaar
Founded2013 (as Whig Party)
HeadquartersCompthon Lytse Griene
Membership  (2014)7
IdeologyConservatismConservative liberalism

Right-wing populism


The Nationalist Revolutionary Front is a right-wing political party in Derskov-Viadalvia. Founded in 2013 as the successor to Whig Party in the Trivunate, it won 1 seat in the trivunate making it the fifth largest party in government.

With program items like administrative detention and strong assimilationist stance on the integration of immigrants into Derskov-Viadalvian society, the NRF breaks from the established centre-right parties in Derskov-Viadalvia. In addition, the party is consistently Eurosceptic