Whestcorean Federal Election, January 2016

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Whestcorean Federal Election, January 2016
Whestcorean Federal Election, November 2015 • Whestcorean federal elections • May 2016 Federal Election
Dank flag 2 copy.png
5 seats required for a majority
November 4th, 2015
Turnout: 35.71%
Party Leaders Horatio Eden Rainbow Gordon Bennett Shinmen no Genshin AP OptiMegaCell
Political Party Party Party Different Party Democratic Dictatorship Party Birthday Party
% of Vote 71% 6% 24% 0%
Seats before re-election 5 2 0 1
Seats received 6 0 2 0
Nominal seat change* ⇑1 ⇓2 ⇑2 ⇓1
Mememaster-General Election, November 2015
Dank flag 2 copy.png
Majority of seats required for the leader of a Party to be elected Mememaster-General
November 4th, 2015
Majority Party Party Party
Majority Party Leader Horatio Eden
Overall majority 2
Mememaster-General before re-election Horatio Eden
Mememaster-General after re-election Horatio Eden

The Whestcorean Federal Election of January 2016 was an election called by the Mememaster-General of the time, Horatio Eden, which lasted from the 7th of January 2016 to the 14th. It was called following Eden's State of the Union address for the new year.


Domestic opinion shifted against Eden during the latter part of his second term, which led to him desperately framing new legislation to bring voters back into the fold; the Federal Crimes Act and the Fifth Amendment (only the former of which was approved) were both proposed within a week of each other, yet not boosting his poll numbers. Eventually, he merely decided to call a snap election, apparently resigning himself to defeat.

The election


Party Estimated Vote (%)
Party Party 5%
Different Party 5%
Birthday Party 90%

The above, a poll run by the Whestcorean Electoral Commission, shows an overwhelming amount of support for the Birthday Party. The Democratic Dictatorship Party was not included.

Election day

Despite polls showing a drought of support for the Party Party, with their smallest opposition, the Birthday Party, having an overwhelming percentage of the votes of those polled, the Party Party and the Democratic Dictatorship Party both pulled an early lead, gaining 10 and 4 votes in quick order. However, the DDP's success was brought to a halt at this point, with the Party Party gaining the remaining two votes to gain an even greater majority than previously.

The seats were then distributed by Party leadership. Shinmen no Genshin, former Leader of the Opposition with the Majority Party, joined the Democratic Dictatorship Party with L.M. to form the Opposition in the new government, while Horatio Eden's party put Horatio Eden himself, Bob Christ, the Chief Justice, Rob X, Chris Y and Alex Z into Congressional seats.

This election saw the Birthday Party, slated to form a majority, lose its only seat, as well as the Different Party who lost even more badly, losing both of its seats and its position as the foremost party of the Opposition.


Mememaster-General Horatio Eden refused to comment on winning a third term.

The electoral rules were not changed during the election.