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  Province of Sirocco  

Coat of arms of Weymouth
Coat of arms
Motto: Steadfast and Earnest
Country Andersonian Flag.png Sirocco
Capital Copthorne
Established August 1, 2011
Founder Daniel Anderson
 - Executor Andrea Carrols (SFP)
Population (2012)
 - Total 7,426,000
Time zone NZST (UTC+12)
 - Summer (DST) NZDT (UTC+13)
Postcode series 700-799
Area code +645 70
Vehicle registration WE 123 ABC
Languages English, Siroccan

Weymouth (WAY-mowth; Siroccan: Wemorten), is a geofictional province of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco located on the fictional world of Micras.