Westfonta Army Base

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ويستفونتا (Arabic)

Flag of Westfonta.png
Seal of Westfonta.png

"May destiny defend us."
Capital cityNorth Bartazuga, Botszabelo
Largest cityLadhabland Exclusion Zone
Official language(s)Arabic, Afrikaans, English, Newlandic
Official religion(s)Gükkism
DemonymWestfontan, Fontinnian Fypriot
- FounderThe UNA
Established5th March 2017
Population0 (2017 census)
Time zoneWestfonta Standard Time (GMT+3:30)

Westfonta Army Base, also spelled Westphonte, known as ويستفونتا in Arabic, is an army base located in Bir Tawil. It is not included in New Amsterdam territory, however it is used by them, Westfonta is known as a reserved territory, meaning it is not claimed by any entity, but it's used by a certain country that restricts other nations from using it.

The capitals are North Bartazuga and Botszabelo, North Bartazuga is located in the northern part of a mountain in the Capital Sector and Botszabelo is located in the Central Sector and is used as a safety checkpoint.

Westfontan claims in red, Bir Tawil in beige.