Western Province (Snowy Plains)

The Western Province is one of the two provinces of the Sovereign Principality of Snowy Plains. Most of the landscape is grassy. In the past, the sole owner was the Slovak Republic. The province has two parts, a passage through which the sovereign does not claim, as well as the land on which the college is located. The total land area is estimated at 1224 square meters.


Papraď station

The province itself is located next to the railway station half a kilometer from the railway station Paprad, in the direction of the village of Poriadie. There is also a dilapidated building and several trees


In the past, this building probably belonged to the Slovak Railways and there was a nearby turnout. However, after the modernization, the building was no longer needed and stopped being used. Currently, there is no documentation from the cadastral map, nor a known owner, and the dilapidation has caused the Office of its brightest highness not to use it.


At the beginning, the area of the land on which the tracks are run was also included in the territorial unit. His brightest highness, however, after careful consideration of the whole situation, decided to divide the province into two parts and tracks together with the land on which they are built to be left in the hands of the Slovak Republic.