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West Korea is a thriving micronation located on the Southern Side of Staten Island but has a global sphere of influence. We currently have 34 provinces or members organized into a hierarchy based on rank. Our constitution outlines two branches of government, the Prime Minister, and the Parliament/Congress. West Korea is a democratic nation so an election is held every month on the 14th for who the Prime Minister shall be. Despite this West, Korea is still a strictly Communist nation with only businesses in bebefood manufacturing allowing to exist. West Korea also has a bebefood based economy with the current conversion are being 1 bebefood = $0.99 or $1.00=1.0101 bebefoods. Bebefood is also the main weaponry used in West Korea and is similar to nukes which other countries possess, with the federal government owning about 300 of them extracted from the taxation of the province of David. (Through the Deal of David.) Lastly, although all West Koreans have freedom of religion the primary religion practiced in the state is Junheeism (the god-like brother of Gunhee.)


Before West Korea existed a city-state known as The Atomic Cake comprised of 5 territories, Guardino, Lombardo, David, James, and Joshua which ruled them all. Eventually, the other four members got tired of oppressive rule and declared independence from Joshua and succeeded after a minor war, thus dissolving the Atomic Cake and creating 5 new independent nations. Not long after a series of wars broke out between David of Lombardo. The first of which ended swiftly in a stalemate, however the next war so-called The Second xNUBZxboros War would be the most brutal the world had ever seen at the time and revolutionized warfare forever. At first, the war was going well for Lombardo until the Davidian army invented the "Bebefoodian Bomb" AKA bebefood a weapon so devastating when used it caused Lombardo to promptly surrender ending the war and creating a long-standing peace amongst the nations. That was until Guardino now named the Guardinian Empire began attacking the other states. Eventually, Lombardo created the First Coalition made up of David, Gunhee, Josh, Lombardo, and others that opposed Guardino's Imperialistic actions. After a long and brutal war with attacks ranging from Magmum warfare (weapons nearly as dangerous as bebefood) and putting ham into people's binders, the war ended and the first coalition was victorious. After this, the first coalition was dissolved and the states were once again independent.

Realizing that action must be taken to never have a war on this scale happen again David and Lombardo signed, "THE GREAT PEICE TREATY" which united the two regions. Shortly after Gunhee, Josh, and Guardino all joined and the new group was named West Korea. Also, several major documents were signed during this time such as "The Treaty of Ng I". Peace lasted for for several years until months later a New Group led by William rose, named East Korea and after attacking West Korea several times the two nations went to war. It was a decently long war and difficult war but in the end, West Korea was victorious due to the use of bebefood in combat., yet the nation of East Korea still remained. This War would be named, The Second Korean War.

Again, after several months a new group rose to oppose West Korea, this time named Central Korea comprised of Josh who had violated the treaties of Ng and left West Korea and Thomas. Due to Josh's actions, West Korea had no choice but to declare war. Bebefood was used on several occasions but Central Korea would not be defeated as easily as East was. After several days the two superpowers signed a peace treaty ending the war in a stalemate. A short while after Central Korea again began to attack West and a surprise attack was planned to end Central Korea once and for all through the use of bebefood. However, the plan was a failure and both sides were devastated in a bebefood explosion(this was titled the Great Baloney Incident.) This caused Central Korea to back off of their claims causing the two nations to coexist peacefully in a cold war state. This war would be called, The Third Korean War.

During this period West Korea grew in both size and power rising from single digit numbers to over 30. In this same time, the Central Korean government was falling apart until Josh left the nation entirely. Thomas knew he stood no chance against West Korea alone joined West Korea reluctantly.

In more recent times West Korea has been involved in small regional conflicts but no major wars. These include the Sarcone and Zbarsky rebellions, both of which were mostly put down yet some rebellion still exists and West Korea had suffered losses fighting them. Finally, only around 1 month ago Ryan tried to take West Korea tried to forcefully overthrow the current Communist Lombardo Administration and for a short time succeeded. In the end, he was stopped but Parliament listened to several of his claims and demanded a new Constitution be created where democratic elections would be held monthly, yet Communism be maintained in West Korea. This Consitution remains in effect to the day as the document that outlines the government of West Korea.

Constitution and Government

Link to the current West Korean Constitution:[1]

The West Korean Constitution, drafted by Ryan and Lombardo is the most essential document for the survival of the nation, outlining the entire government of West Korea. The Constitution states that the Government of West Korea is comprised of two branches, the Prime Minister, and the Parliament/Congress. Every month on the 14th the West Korean Parliament shall vote on who the new Prime Minister shall be. However, the Congressmen are not elected and the amount of vote they receive is determined by their position in the West Korean Hierarchy [2] (for more information see the section titled "The West Korean Hierarchy.") For a Bill to pass it must get either 50% Congressional approval with the Prime Minister or 66% without the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is also the Commander and Cheif of the West Korean army and can declare war whenever they deem it necessary.

The West Korean Constitution also ensures that all citizens are entitled to certain unalienable rights such as freedom of speech, religion, or the right to bear bebefood. The Constitution is what's classified as a living document meaning that it can be amended through certain conditions outlined in the Constitution itself. Lastly, the Constitution also establishes the foundations of the West Korean military and federal court system along with various other aspects of West Korea that will be described in greater detail further on.

Bebefood and other forms of Weaponry

West Korea is currently in the possession of slightly over 300 bebefoods (AKA Nukes) making it the third most powerful nation in the World only behind the U.S. and Russia in terms of Bebefood/Nukes. Almost all of these are located in the reserves of the Federal Government, however, some states of West Korea are legally allowed to own a small amount of bebefood. Although the Federal Supply of Bebefood is currently in the possession of Lombardo it is not his, it is owned by the West Korean Federal Government. Other enemy nations to West Korean such as East or Central Korea or even allies such as Linconia do not have nearly as much bebefood as West does, this gives West Korea a significant military advantage against these countries. In fact, recent research shows that none of these countries are even in the possession of a single bebfood and it is likely they will not obtain one for a significant amount of time.

In order to obtain such vast quantities of bebefood West Korea had to make numerous deals with both domestic states and foreign nations(Bebefoods not acquired by one of these two deals were purchased directly by the West Korean Federal Government from Amazon). Two of these most famous deals are listed here;

1)Approximately 1 year ago Lombardo paid David $5.00 to give the West Korean Federal Government his bebefood daily every day which he was in school with no time limitations. This means that West Korea always has a steady supply of Bebefood even if deals with other suppliers expire. The is also known as, The Deal of David.

2)Around 4 months ago long after peace was established between West and East Korea that states that West Korea shall pay East 2 bingo chips and in exchange, they shall receive 1 bebefood per week up until June/26/18. This was the first agreement that established a strong allaince between East and West Korea

Yet, bebefood is not the only weapon in West Korea's arsenal with Magnums, Classified Intel (AKA Blackmail), and Cheese also being heavily used in combat.

Today Magnums are primarily used as weaker alternatives to bebefoods such as when West Korea decides that Bebefood would too extreme to use in the situation. However, historically this was not the case such as in the Guardian War before bebefood technology was fully developed, Magnums were the primary form of combat and are believed to be the primary reason why the First Coalition who were in possession of Magnums were able to defeat the Guardinian Empire which is not. Currently, Magnums are still used in combat with West Korea owning around five of them with all other nations owning 0, just not as heavily as they were in the past and are still a destructive tool for defeating one's enemies.

The next form of weaponry used by the West Korea Army is Classified Intel or Blackmail. This is when the Federal Government accumulates information that could potentially be devastating to someone if released and keeps it in case that person tries to rebel against the Government. This tactic has worked very well historically and its usage is currently on the rise. One such example of this being used is against Thomas, by accumulating Intel West Korea was able to force him to sign a contract relinquishing Central Korea and joining West Korea.

The Final alternate form of weaponry used by West Korea is Cheese. Cheese is an ineffective weapon against most enemies, however, has been proven to be able to absolutely obliterate David. This is a result of a traumatic Cheese experience which David suffered as a little kid which caused him to resent Cheese for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, as of recenntly Lombardo signed an agreement with David prohibiting from using Cheese under penalty of heavy debt.

The Economy

West Korea uses a bebefood based economy, with 1 West Korean bebefood being equal to $0.99 or $1.00 being equal to 1.0101 bebefoods. The West Korean economy has been steadily inclining with the Federal Reserve now owning 301 bebefoods giving West Korea an approximate GDP of $297.99. This is a drastic increase from just one year prior when the GDP was just $29.70 and the is predicted to continue to increase likely surpassing $1010.79 or 1021 bebefoods by June 2022 as long as “The Deal of David” remains in effect.

In addition, economically West Korea is strictly Communist nation with the workers owning all the means of production of the country. As a result, there are very few businesses within West Korea in most industries. However, West Korea has the worlds largest bebefood industries in the world with many corporations such as Go-Go Squeeze, Motts, Kirkland, and Buddy Fruits thriving within the nation.