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[[Category:Micronational organisations]]
[[Category:Micronational organisations]]
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[[Category:Welsh micronations]]

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Welsh Micronational Union (WMU)
Welsh Micronational Union.png
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters White, located in Aenopia

Official languages English, Welsh

Motto "Heddwch a ffyniant i bawb"

Membership 1 Full Member 1 Observer Member

– Foundation 3 August 2019

The Welsh Micronational Union (Undeb Micronational Cymru in Welsh) was a micronational organisation intended for Welsh and surrounding English counties including Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Cheshire. The Welsh Micronational Union was formed in order to provide a group for Welsh micronations, for which the number of such has been decreasing over the past few years. The WMO utilised a Discord server to communicate to its members, like countless other organisations do for accessibility and ease.


Multiple micronations located partially or entirely in Wales have either fallen into inactivity, or been dissolved, resulting in Logan Ross of the Empire of Aenopia attempting to form the WMO to serve as an organisation for Welsh and surrounding English counties micronations to communicate and engage with diplomatic relations.

The organization failed to become active, and was succeeded by the North Atlantic Defense Union.


Due to the WMU being relatively young, the organisation only had 1 full member at the time of dissolution. In order to become a full member, said nation was required to have served as an observer for a total of the 14 days until their membership was voted on.

Full Members

In order of date of joining...

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
New Dominion of Aenopia.png Aenopia 3 Aug 2019 New Llandundo AEN Founder of the Welsh Micronational Union

Observer Nations

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
Arnerea flag.png Arnerea 22 Aug 2019 Hart City ARN