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Weather Alert Levels (WALs) are 6 levels of increasing intensity to describe the current weather and hazards in Leikovia at any given time. They are issued by the Leikovian Government, and typically, the President himself.

Weather Alert Level 1

WAL 1 describes nominal weather conditions that have no real hazards and no action needs to be taken.

Weather Alert Level 2

WAl 2 is used to describe mild or scattered weather conditions that have no real hazards and are unlikely to last long unless they get stronger or last for a very long time.

Weather Alert Level 3

WAL 3 is for more prolonged or slightly dangerous weather conditions that could cause damage in some cases, but little preparation need to be taken in order to minimize damage. This could be a smaller thunderstorm or snow.

Weather Alert Level 4

WAL 4 is similar to WAL 4, but the weather conditions may last for several hours to a full day. In some cases, long-term preparations may be needed in WAL 4 snow, as people may be trapped in their homes. The weather conditions are likely to cause damage and very rarely, death.

Weather Alert Level 5

WAL 5 are for extremely dangerous weather conditions that are guaranteed to cause damage and likely to cause death and injury. Preparations are always needed to prevent death or damage.

Weather Alert Level 6

WAL 6 is for apocalyptic weather events that are so powerful and destructive that they are likely to utterly destroy, or at least cripple, civilization as a whole. a WAL 6 event is one that could literally be the end of the world, or at least an extinction event.