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The Duchy of Wazerbaijan

Duchy of Wazakhstan
Sheffield, Great Britain
GovernmentExecutive Council of Wazerbaijan
DukeArchiebald Morrison

The Duchy of Wazerbaijan, commonly known as Wazerbaijan, is a subdivision of the Kingdom of Wazakhstan. The head of this Duchy is referred to as the Duke of Wazerbaijan, and this title is currently held by Archiebald Morrison.

The largest and capital city is Skinny-White-Boy, where the council chambers are located. The other settlement, is Corzo, located on nearby Roebuck Road. It is governed by an executive council, made up of elected members. The official temporary residence of King Waz I is located here.

The Executive Council currently consists of 2 members, both of whom reside in the Duchy.

Executive Council of Wazambique
Name Party Member
Archiebald Morrison FFS Duke
Sam Hilmo Hilton STRP Councillor
Kieran Evans CASLB Councillor
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