Wayne I of Franksland

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Wayne I
König von Franksland

King of the Franks
Reign 6 March 2019 - Present
Coronation 7 March 2019
Predecessor Throne established
Heir apparent Erich, Prince of Doggenburg
Consort Jennifer, Duchess of Waynestadt
House House of Schroeder
Father Charles Wheatley
Mother Margaret Wheatley
Born June 12, 1941 (1941-06-12) (age 79)
Religion Christian

HM Wayne I, King of Franksland is the current Monarch of Franksland. He was declared King of the Franks on March 6, 2019. He is the Commander-In-Chief of the Frankish Military. He served as a member of the Privy Council to Queen Lily I of Lilylandia.

Early life

Wayne was born in the middle of the Second World War. He married Jennifer in 1960. They have four children; HRH Princess Donna, HRH Crown Princess Rebecca, HRH Princess Patricia, HRH Princess Francis.

On March 6, 2019, Wayne was crowned King of the Franks after the creation of Franksland.

King of Franksland

As King of Franksland Wayne conducts many royal duties and traditions. He releases a public broadcast every Christmas.