Würtige mark

The Würtige mark (plural Würtige marks) is the official currency of the Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland and is currently printed in the capital of Würtige by the National Bank. It is pegged at 0.50 Brazilian Reais or 0.11 Pound Sterling to the Mark. 1 Würdigeland Mark is divided into 100 cents; one cent is therefore worth 0.005 Reais or 0.0011 pounds.

Würdigeland mark
Official usersWurdigeland Flag.jpg Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland
Pegged to.50 Brazillian Reais
NicknameMarks (Würdigeland)
Sub-unitCents (1/100)
Central bankWürdigeland National Bank
PrinterWürdigeland National Bank

First series

The first series of Banknotes was printed in February 2011, by design of Billy Neil. It has been in use since then.

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