Vyomanian units of measurement

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The Empire of Vyomania uses the metric system but also uses some humourous units of measurement.


As a tribute to Carl Sagan and his association with the catchphrase "billions and billions", a sagan has been defined as a large quantity – technically at least four billion (two billion plus two billion) – of anything. So a sagan chocolates are 4 billion chocolates.


A nanocentury is one-billionth of a century or approximately 3.156 seconds. This unit is sometimes used in computing.


16561.2 ml of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a human. A Life-gone is about 5520.4 ml.
5520.4 ml × 3 = 16561.2 ml.
Therefore 3 Lives-gone of coffee will kill you.


Tolä is a unit taken from Indian traditional units of measurement. 1 Tolä is equalled to 11.664 g.