Vlasynian Leu

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Vlasynian Leu
Vlasynian Leu Banknote of 1 Leu Obverse.png
1 leu banknote (obverse)
Vlasynian Leu Banknote of 1 Leu Reverse.png.png
1 leu banknote (reverse)
Official usersFlag of Vlasynia.png Vlasynia
Pegged toRON (1 RON = ? VLL)
Coins1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 1 Leu, 2 Lei
Banknotes1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500
Central bankNational Bank of Vlasynia

The Vlasynian leu (VLL) is the official currency of the Vlasynian Despotate. It has legal tender with and is pegged to the Romanian Leu (RON). It evolved from the Vlasyno-Dartirian Leu (VDL), used between 05 and 23 August 2018. Since its inception, two series of lei banknotes have been issued and published: the first one on 09 June 2019 and the second, current one on 02 April 2021.


The name of the currency means "lion", and is derived from the Dutch thaler (leeuwendaalder "lion thaler/dollar") The Dutch leeuwendaalder was imitated in several German and Italian cities. These coins circulated in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria and gave their name to the respective currencies the Romanian leu, Moldovan leu, Bulgarian lev and Vlasynian leu.

List of current banknotes

02 April 2021 Series (current)
Image Value Dimensions
Main Colour Design
Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse
1 leu/Ⱡ (obverse) 1 leu/Ⱡ (reverse) 1 leu/Ⱡ 120 x 62 Beige Decebalus Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
2 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 2 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 2 lei/Ⱡ 123 x 65 Light blue Ferdinand I of Romania Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
5 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 5 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 5 lei/Ⱡ 127 x 67 Purple Michael I of Romania Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
10 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 10 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 10 lei/Ⱡ 133 x 72 Red Vlad the Impaler Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
20 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 20 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 20 lei/Ⱡ 136 x 75 Dark green Mircea the Elder Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
50 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 50 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 50 lei/Ⱡ 140 x 77 Yellow Carol I of Romania Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
100 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 100 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 100 lei/Ⱡ 147 x 82 Orange Michael the Brave Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
200 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 200 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 200 lei/Ⱡ 150 x 82 Silver Alexandru Ioan Cuza Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
500 lei/Ⱡ (obverse) 500 lei/Ⱡ (reverse) 500 lei/Ⱡ 153 x 82 Indigo Burebista Vlasynia's Coat of Arms
All banknotes are printed by the National Bank of Vlasynia (BNV), with the approval of HGM the Despot