Vlasynian Language

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Vlasynian (autonym: limba vlasiniană, "the Vlasynian Language", or vlasiniană, vlasă, lit. "in Vlasynian") is an artificial, incomplete language introduced in Vlasynia. It is being developed by Despot Ned I of Vlasynia and he is also the sole speaker of the language. In many aspects it can be seen as an artificial dialect of Romanian, since it is based on said language.

Vlasynian used to be one of the three official languages in Vlasynia, alongside Romanian and Latin, until its status as an official language was revoked in 21 August 2020, when it was replaced by the Neo-Romanian Script. The Vlasynian language can be written in two different scripts:

  • The Standard Vlasynian Script, a distinct alphabet comprised of 30 characters:



  • The Romanized Vlasynian Script, introduced on 15 April 2020, with its latest change having been made on 19 November 2020, uses characters from the Latin Script and is comprised of 28 of them:

A/a Ă/ă B/b K/k D/d E/e F/f G/g H/h I/i Î/î J/j L/l M/m N/n O/o P/p R/r S/s Ș/ș T/t Ț/ț U/u V/v X/x Z/z Ĉ/ĉ Ĝ/ĝ

Neo-Romanian, which is the official writing script in the country, is present in two forms: Standard and Romanized, which are the exact same as the corresponding variations of the Vlasynian Script.