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== Biography ==
== Biography ==
Chokin was born on 25 February 2001 in [[wikipedia:Odessa|Odessa]], [[wikipedia:Ukraine|Ukraine]].
Chokin was born on 25 February 2001 in [[wikipedia:Odessa|Odessa]], [[wikipedia:Ukraine|Ukraine]].
== Beliefs ==
[[File:Vladislav Chokin's political compass.png|thumb|right|200px|Political compass of Vladislav]]
=== Politics and sociality===
=== Politics and sociality===

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Vladislav Chokin
Владислав Чокин
Vladislav Čokin
Vlad Ciochin
Garsilig Hãkiut
1st Malgart of Verd'land
Assumed office:
Predecessor office established
1st Vice President of the
United States of Akkerman
Assumed office:
2nd January 2018
President Anatoliy Chokin
Predecessor office established
1st Malgart of the
Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia
In office:
1st October 2016 — 9th February 2018
Predecessor office established
Successor office liquidated
Personal information
Born 25th February 2001
Odessa, Ukraine
Citizenship Flag of Ukraine.png Ukraine
Flag ladonia.png Ladonia
Flag of the United States of Akkerman.svg USA
Flag of Verd'land.svg Verd'land
Nationality Verd'landian[1]
Religion Verdism
Personal symbols Pentagram and feather
Native language Russian
Military service
Allegiance 250px-White flag icon svg.png abdicated
  1. Self-defined

Vladislav Maximovich Chokin (Russian: Владислав Максимович Чокин; Czech: Vladislav Čokin; Romanian: Vlad Ciochin) or Garsilig Hãkiut is the founder of several micronations including his main one — the Verd'land.


Chokin was born on 25 February 2001 in Odessa, Ukraine.

Politics and sociality

In 2014 he was standing at pro-Russian side of conflict in Ukraine, and even openly propagandized separatist entity of Novorussia in his grade.

However, Chokin had radically changed his beliefs between 2015 and 2016 years and since that time he takes a moderate left-wing side. As some of his beliefs can contradict with left and right political wings, he oftenly jokes that he can be equally despised by both leftists and righists.