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| imagesize              = 470px
| imagesize              = 470px
| image_caption          = A road in [[Ciolpani]]
| image_caption          = A road in [[Ciolpani]]
| image_flag              = Ciolpani flag v2.jpg
| image_flag              = NEWCIOLPANIFLAGV2.png
| flag_size              = 320px
| flag_size              = 320px
| image_shield            = CIOLPANI STEMAv2.png
| image_shield            = NEWCIOLPANICOAV2.png
| shield_size            = 115px
| shield_size            = 145px
| anthem                  =  
| anthem                  =  
| image_map              = CIOLPANI GRANITE.png
| image_map              = CIOLPANI GRANITE.png

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  State in the Federated States of Snagov  
A road in Ciolpani

Coat of arms of Ciolpani
Coat of arms
State of Ciolpani
Country Federated States of Snagov
 - Representative Chilau David Robert
 - Total 8.95 km2 (3.5 sq mi)
Population (28 June 2020)
 - Total 3,380
 - Density 377.7/km2 (978.1/sq mi)
Demonym Ciolpanean
Vehicle registration CIO

Ciolpani is a state in the Federated States of Snagov, it has around 3380 people. The state has two cities, Ciolpani and North-Eastern Ciolpani. The state joined the union on 23 June 2020.


"Ciolpan" means "tree stump" or "old tree" in romanian. The name's origin is unknown, but the forest on the west side of the state might be a reason.

Flag and coat of arms

The flag is greenish-blue and blueish-green, split in half by a light blue line. In the center is an eight-pointed star, representing the 8 letters that make up "Ciolpani". The coat of arms is a greenish-blue gradient shield with the same eight-pointed star in the centre.


Ciolpani is very densely populated, and for a good reason. It has been populated since the neolithic era, and its first documented mention was in 1408, the same times as all the other cities, like Silistea Snagov, Izorani, and Snagov. Ciolpani used to be its own commune, when it was Romanian territory.


Ciolpani, the capital of the State of Ciolpani, has around 2828 people. North-Eastern Ciolpani has around 552. Ciolpani is the 2nd most populated state, in first place being the State of South Snagov. Ciolpani, as a single city is the most populated city in the entire country.


The economy in Ciolpani is made out of tourism, wood-cutting, fishing, and a little bit of agriculture. wood-cutting is done in the small forests fishing in the Snagov River, and agriculture in the north.


The political party in the state is National Snagov Party. The representative of the state is Chilau David Robert. Chilau David Robert wants to make Ciolpani an economic powerhouse in the future.