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| imagesize              = 470px
| imagesize              = 470px
| image_caption          = A road in [[Ciolpani]]
| image_caption          = A road in [[Ciolpani]]
| image_flag              =  
| image_flag              = Ciolpani flag.jpg
| flag_size              = 320px
| flag_size              = 320px
| image_shield            =  
| image_shield            = CIOLPANI STEMA.png
| shield_size            = 115px
| shield_size            = 115px
| anthem                  =  
| anthem                  =  

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  State in the Federated States of Snagov  
A road in Ciolpani
Flag of Ciolpani
Coat of arms of Ciolpani
Coat of arms
Country Federated States of Snagov
 - Representative Chilau David Robert
 - Total 8.95 km2 (3.5 sq mi)
Population (28 June 2020)
 - Total 3,420
 - Density 382.1/km2 (989.7/sq mi)
Demonym Ciolpanean
Vehicle registration CIO

Aqantica is a state in the Federated States of Snagov, it is the least populated state, mainly used for agriculture. It's also one of the two enclave states, other than the State of Kornel.


The origin of the Aqantica name is disputed. Some say the name derives from the Prahova River that flows nearby, others say it's entirely a random name.

Flag and coat of arms

The flag is a blue field with two white borders on the top and bottom. On the left and right side you have the Snagovian star, and in the middle, the state's shape. The coat of arms is a blue shield with two waves of the Prahova River on the bottom, and the Snagovian star on the top.


Aqantica is the most recent state to join the union. It is also the smallest state by land area. The state also has the lowest population out of all the states, only 4. The reason the state is so sparsely populated it's because it is not meant to, it is an agricultural state, just like the State of Kornel. On June 23 2020, Gheorghe Stefan Marius declared Aqantica the newest state to join the country.


The one, single, population centre is a house, in the north. Those citizens moved there because they like to help the economy.


The Aqantican economy is compromised of 99% agriculture, the remaining 1% are the special tourist tours, that portray the nature of the state.


The political party in the state is The Green Leaf. The representative of the state is Daniel Andrei Cristea.