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[[File:Vitga.png|thumb|right|220px|symbol of Vitgan Empire]]
'''Vitga''' (Vitgan Empire, Empire of Vitga) was a medium-size [[micronation]] of 20 citizens located in Czech Republic.
[[File:Vitga.png|thumb|right|220px|Symbol of Vitgan Empire]]
'''Vitga''', officially the '''Vitgan Empire''' or '''Empire of Vitga''', was a [[micronation]] located in the Czech Republic, which had a total of 20 citizens.

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Symbol of Vitgan Empire

Vitga, officially the Vitgan Empire or Empire of Vitga, was a micronation located in the Czech Republic, which had a total of 20 citizens.


When first Vitgan invaders came to Blue Hill County (Horní Čermná, Czech Republic) in 1978, they saw a virgin land with only few aboriginals. The have established their rule over the country and gave it name Ksifig. It was founded by Jan Havliš and his brother Albert Havliš.

The period of Vitgan occupation can be divided into three sub-periods, as different Vitgan clans has the power during these periods:

  • Verki period (1978-1980)
  • Leaveg period (1981)
  • Vitgan period (1980-1989)

The rule of Vitgans in Ksifig was in a name of economical exploitation and inter-clan rivality. The original population got oppressed and its elite has emigrated. As the Vitgan regime has decayed, they had turned back home and put the end to Vitgans in July 1989 and had established the first free state - Manakva.


Vitgan Empire was located in Horní Čermná, East Bohemia and Rajhrad, South Moravia.


There were 20 citizens in Vitgan Empire.


The Vitgan language was a posteriori constructed naming language created by Jan Havliš for Vitga.

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