Vishwamitran Ambassador to India

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Ambassador of the State of Vishwamitra to India
Ambassadorial flag of Vishwamitra.svg
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations
StyleHis/Her Excellency (formal)
The Right Honourable (informal)
Reports toMinister of Foreign Affairs
ResidenceAmbassador's House
SeatGuwahati, India
NominatorMinister of Foreign Affairs
AppointerThe Rashtradhyaksh
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the monarch
No fixed term
Formation23 December 2020
First holderAnirban Phatowali
Flag of the Republic of India.

The Vishwamitran Ambassador to the Republic of India is the head of the embassy of the State of Vishwamitra in Guwahati, the royal diplomatic mission in the Republic of India. The official title is His Majesty's Ambassador to India and the position of ambassador to India is considered to be one of the most important posts of His Majesty's diplomatic services in Asia.

The embassy in India was established on 23 December 2020 by the Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy through his royal decree no. 72-2020. The main objective of the establishment of the embassy in India is to present Vishwamitran policies to the Indian-born citizens and to the government, and to report Indian policies and views to the crown and the government, and also to inform all Vishwamitran citizens regarding all major events and news from India.

The Ambassador is the head of the diplomatic mission of the State of Vishwamitra in India and shall discharge the duties with the main responsibility of directing diplomatic activity in support of trade and for the provision of consular support to Vishwamitran citizens in India and also observe and oversee cultural relations between the two countries.


Prior to the official establishment of the embassy on 23 December 2020, the head of state of Vishwamitra served as the ex-officio Ambassador to the Republic of India.

List of ambassadors

No. Ambassador Resident of Tenure Time in office Appointer
1 William Cooper.jpg William Cooper,
1st Baron Cooper of Ottawa

Ottawa 23 December 2020 – present 137 days Dhrubajyoti Roy

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